WOOHOO!!! I DID IT! I ran today!!!!

I started the #5Kin100days program tonight. It involves RUNNING – something I have never done.

I had plans with 3 other workout buddies to meet at 7PM. At 4:30, one of them bailed. At 5:30, another one bailed. At 7:00 as I am waiting in the parking lot ready to go, the third one bailed. I pretty much said screw them and off I went.

I had programmed the workout into my JogLog program on my iPhone and had a couple of technical difficulties getting started with the workout program as I had never used that feature on JogLog.

Walked my 5 minutes. STRETCHED. Fast walked 10 minutes. As I know the 10 minutes was almost over, I got really nervous (had actually been very nervous all day knowing this was coming). I ran my minute. Then walked 2 minutes. Then ran. Well, you get the picture.

I can tell you this, I have terrible running form and am probably NOT doing it correctly. My ankles and calves hurt most of the time. I think I walk faster than I run. But I completed my workout and that’s what counts. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I thought I was doing it correctly. I guess I need pointers on my form.

I may never love running, but I am certainly willing to give it a try with this program.

So, all you runners out there – tips for newbies????

5 Responses to “I.Ran.Today.”

  1. congrats on your first run and great job sticking with it even when your counterparts bailed =) if your ankles and calves hurt, you might need to stretch that area a little more before you run. other than that, the only advice i can give you is to STICK WITH IT. once it becomes routine, you’ll (hopefully) start to love it =)

  2. Great job!
    I love to run. For what ever reason the first mile is always the hardest, every time! Don’t let that discourage you, keep going! Don’t think, when is this going to get easier? It gets easier after the first and second mile 🙂
    You can do it!

  3. I am in week 4.2 of #5kin100days – so congrats to you for joining. I was right where you were 4 weeks ago. I found the info from BradGansberg.com (videos, write-ups, tweetchats) to be so valuable in helping me become more comfortable with myself and with running in general. I am not totally there yet, but I am on the right track. My advise is stick with it – while it might not get easier, per se, but the confidence and accomplishment I feel when I complete each workout pushes me through week to week. All of us #5kin100days are in the same boat, no matter what week we are in – so use us for encouragement! Your doing great!

  4. The best place to start is at the beginning. You already WON the race by going without your friends. Commitment starts from within you from your will and soemtimes a running pal can hold you accountable, sometimes they can hold you back. I went from not running at all to a 1/2 mile (that’s all I can do stage) to a 1/2 marathon in 6 months so keep it up because now it is “nothing for me” to want to go out and run 10 miles at any given day. The best book I discovered: Chi Running by Danny Dreyer. You will return to the book many times again and again for injury-free techniques. Plus, it has photos! Do cross training and your core will get stronger and the runs will become more enjoyable as well. I’d love to keep in touch with your efforts via twitter @ ClubCreativeArt

  5. Cudos! Doing anything new can be intimidating, but you got past that. You accomplished your goal despite obstacles. You have every right to be proud!