I Biked And Didn’t Wind Up in the Hospital!

I biked yesterday! For the first time in DECADES! Thanks to my friend L for loaning me her bike. Hubby and I went to an empty parking lot for me to have my first ride. Took a few minutes just to adjust to putting my feet on the pedals and pedaling. I was quite scared of falling off so I didn’t try to go very fast. Just concentrated on keeping upright and not hitting anything. SUCCESS!

Don't you love my bike helmet? Safety first!
Don't you love my bike helmet? Safety first!
Trying not to fall over!
Trying not to fall over!

I am amazed how much my derriere hurts from that short ride. I mean, I have a LOT of extra padding down there. But – WOW! The inventor of padded bike shorts is a genius. I will be getting some of those if I decide I am going to keep biking.

We are going back out tonight to try a 4 mile greenway. Wish me luck!


9 Responses to “I Biked And Didn’t Wind Up in the Hospital!”

  1. YAY!!! Good for you! And yes, the inventor of the padded bike short is my hero πŸ™‚ Never cycle without them anymore! I am an avid cyclist, and I am totally cheering you on! Have fun on your bike! (found you through #bbtl on Twitter, btw :-))

  2. Bravo! Hope you’re zooming happily
    with carefree abandon
    in no time:)
    Well done, you!
    (I, however, have not been on a bike
    in over 15 years!)
    Glad to have found you
    and your blog,

  3. Awesome-ness!!!

    Like Andrea, I love getting out on my bike(s)! So, so cool you are doing this!!

  4. How fun! I have a cute vintage bike that was my grandfather’s that I really need to pull out and re-learn to ride.

    Also, they make padded bike seats too. Definitely worth a look. πŸ˜‰

  5. Good job. Since you’re only in your 40’s – you’ve got YEARS of great biking ahead of you. Better step it up and get going!

    BTW – I’ve pingbacked you to my recent biking post. There’s other posts on biking too in the “exercise and fitness” category if you’re interested.