I am Now a Biker Chick!

Trek 7.5 FX
Trek 7.5 FX


We ordered my bike late last week and it is here now! Thanks to the Oak Ridge Bicycle Center for all of their help. We are pretty sure they put the bell on it especially for me. I don’t believe the Trek’s come with bells.

I am wearing my new Biker Chick shirt.

More pics of the bike (including me riding it) to come later tonight or tomorrow.

In other exciting news – we have a new roof! Woohoo! Roof was replaced yesterday due to the April 27th Hailstorm. There are still many more renovations to do, but at least we are getting started. Very impressed so far with Belfor Restoration Company. They have just been wonderful to work with.

Hope you are having a great day! I am out of here!

7 Responses to “I am Now a Biker Chick!”

  1. You speak my language, Glenneth. I was so excited when I moved from Virginia across the country to Idaho and discovered my new friend was a biker. Only here it means motorcycle rider Dang!

    I had my house–siding and roof, replaced due to a hailstorm many years ago in Virginia. In fact the entire neighborhood had their homes redone. Hail can be vicious. My poor car was battered. A whole new business grew up–hail damage car repair. Interesting.
    Was nice getting a neighborhood make-over. Never heard of one before.

    Enjoy your bike!