Hydro Flask SS H2O Bottle Review

So, a couple of weeks ago hubby and I were out walking with our friend J. He starts telling us about this water bottle he had bought and was raving about it. Something you may not know about me is I have a water bottle obsession. Hubby jokes about it all the time because they are all over the kitchen. Half the time I am in Target I add a new water bottle to my collection.

I love water bottles and am always on the lookout for the “perfect” one. I want one that keeps drinks super cold. I want something that doesn’t sweat. I want something cute. And most recently, I want something I can use my essential oils in. See, you cannot put essential oils in plastic – it will eat it. You can use them in stainless steel or glass though.

So, as hubby suspected, a new water bottle shortly arrived at our house. The Hydro Flask Insulated Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 32-Ounce in Pinkadelic Pink. I also bought the Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Hydro Flip Lid to use instead of the standard lid that came with it.


Isn’t it pretty? I had never heard of Hydro Flask before our friend got one. How I missed this fabulous thing I will never know. They have all different sizes and colors. I got the 32 oz in pink of course. I also wanted to test for myself how cold it kept drinks. The picture below was taken as I went into the gym. I left the Hydro Flask in my car in the hot sun. Inside the car was over 90 degrees.


And this is how it looked when I came out of the gym an hour later. Almost no difference in the amount of ice in the bottle. And when I took a sip – super cold. I then left it on our kitchen counter overnight and took another sip the next morning. There was still ice left and the water was still cold. I can also add my essential oils to the bottle (I am currently loving tangerine in my water).


You can also buy a JugLug Sleeve for the water bottles. These help protect the outside from dings (apparently common in stainless steel) and also helps for carrying. It has a hand strap (which I use) but also comes with a shoulder strap should you want to carry it that way.


The Hydro Flask has definitely moved to #1 position in my collection right now. This is not a paid review, I bought each item with my own money. There are also no affiliate links in this post. I just wanted to share with you. Drinking water is super important to your health and having a fabulous water bottle can be key to getting it in each day.

How do you make sure to get your water in each day?



2 Responses to “Hydro Flask SS H2O Bottle Review”

  1. This looks like an awesome water bottle!! I think I need to invest in one for these upcoming hot summer days…