How To Go From Sweaty Gym Hair To Classy Hair For The Office

Today I have a treat for you from the fabulous Sherry over at Sherry’s Life. Sherry offers us tips so that we can easily go from sweaty gym hair to classy office hair. Enjoy!

Sweaty Gym Hair To Classy Hair For The Office

Your alarm goes off and you know you need to hit the gym. However, you are thinking about the hundred dollars you paid for your hair the day before. On top of that, you reason that you have an important meeting and a high ponytail won’t cut it. So, what’s a career woman to do when her workout sabotages her new hairdo?

The tips below will give you some hair ideas after your workout, so you can exercise without the anxiety.

Go With An Up-Do

After an intense cardio workout, your glamorous straight hair is now a hot mess complete with frizzy ends and flyaways. What can you do? Learn to pin your hair up in different buns, chignons and classical twists for great post-workout hair. Spray a light coat of hairspray to prevent flyaways. After that, you won’t have to think about your hair for the rest of the day.

Quick Touch-Up

Another reason you do not have to forgo your trip to the gym is because you can give yourself a quick touch-up at the gym in fifteen minutes. Here’s how to extend the life of your blowout.

  • Use dry shampoo to absorb the sweat from your hair
  • Quickly blow-dry your hair using a round brush to smooth out your strands
  • Comb through each section of your hair to resuscitate your prior hairstyle
hair styles gym to office

Heated Brush

Short on time after your cardio class? No problem. Use a thermal brush to revive your hairdo. A heated brush allows you to touch up your hair speedily and without the hassle.

Use A Headband

Before you begin your workout, put your hair into a basic side pony. Use a headband to keep your hair strands off your face. After your workout, don’t get nervous when Siri reminds you that your meeting is starting in 30 minutes. All you need to do is remove your headband and replace it with an updo with hair jewelry to keep your strands in place.

There you have it. You don’t need to skip your workout because you’re afraid you won’t have time to whip your hair into shape afterward. Pick one of these tips and you’ll leave the gym looking runway ready.

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About the author: Sherry Harris is the solopreneur of Sherry’s Life. On the blog she writes about any and everything related to hair care and hairstyles.

Have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend!


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