Hotter 'n Hell 5K Race Recap

Good morning and Happy Sunday! I am quite excited to FINALLY write another race recap. April 6th was my last 5K race (due to my leg surgery) until yesterday.

Yesterday was the 5th Annual Hotter ‘n Hell 5K. Luckily the weather was much nicer than the name suggests. It was about 70 degrees (although there was 90% humidity). Check out the sky on the way to the race:

Beautiful Knoxville Morning

And here I am, once again ready to walk a 5K:

Glenneth Race

The race started at 8AM and without little warning or fanfare. I swear everyone was shocked when the gun went off. I started at the back being a walker. My goal had been to NOT start off too fast and get too tired quickly. I feel in behind these ladies who were walking a consistent pace. It was faster than I wanted to go, but my legs felt good and I knew the finish was mostly uphill.

I continued about two paces behind them for 2 miles. Around mile 2 was where I was mad at myself for not having my phone out and ready to take pictures. Why? We passed a llama. There is a horse farm next to the greenway and there was a llama right next to where we were walking. Oh, well.

About mile 2.25 the ladies I was pacing starting slowing down just slightly, but my legs felt really strong. I knew the big hill was coming up and that I would definitely be going slower then. So I decided to walk as fast as I could until the big hill. Once the hill started I slowed a little and then walked fast during the very few flat parts.

And this was my finish:

5K Finish

Under 52 minutes, I was very pleased. That is less than a 17 minute mile and I would have been thrilled with a 19 minute per mile. My legs were tired/sore for the rest of the day and I still have some soreness this morning. But that is to be expected.

Next up for my 5Ks? Another Color Me Rad! Then possibly one more for the month, but I will give myself at least a 1 week break.

Did you race this weekend? Shop? Eat something good? Share something fun!

Enjoy your day!


3 Responses to “Hotter 'n Hell 5K Race Recap”

  1. Great job! I am looking to post my recap as soon as the official results are posted- I want my official time since it’s my 13 in 2013. I started off too fast also and then ended up not doing as well as I wanted to ๐Ÿ™

  2. Good job, Glenneth! Wish you had your camera with you, too.