Hiking Frozen Head

I walk quite a few 5Ks but have been wanting to hike with my hubby.  Yesterday we went to Frozen Head State Park.  I had picked out a moderate hike and in all it was going to be 5 miles.  I thought – sure, why not.  I learned an important lesson:

Walking and hiking – TOTALLY different.

I hurt in places I had forgotten about.  Partly due to the altitude change – 1000 feet – so the first 2.4 miles were pretty much up hill.  The ground was wet and slippery.  Since I am naturally clumsy, it took extra effort to not fall flat on my face or butt.  I did come close twice, but caught myself.

Uphill was definitely the worst.  I needed quite a few short breaks.  Downhill was FUN!  We went down a different side of the mountain and it was less muddy and the sun was popping out (uphill had been mostly cloudy – thank goodness).

All in all, we did 4.93 miles.  Took about 2.5 hours.  Had a BLAST!  Frozen Head State Park is beautiful.  There is plenty for everyone to do and trails for all.

I love dogwood trees
Wooden Bridge
Refreshing Waterfall
Beautiful Purple flowers
Purple Flowers

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  1. Lori Forth

    Glenneth wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog. Can you tell where you found the code for the Weekly Fitness Challenge? I would like to add it to my blog Lori Forth Get n’ Healthy.