Help! My DietBet Starts Tomorrow!!!

Good morning and Happy Thursday! Last work day of the week. WOOHOO!!! I am definitely ready for my 3 day weekend. I actually have no definite plans – just to have fun and relax. There are no races this weekend, but I am sure we will get outside if the weather cooperates. I also hope to get a pedicure. Time for some pretty toes!

You know that I love technology and gadgets! Well, guess what came yesterday? PEBBLE! The e-paper watch for Android and iPhone. I backed this as a Kickstarter project in August of last year and it finally came today. 85,000 watches were ordered during that time period and engineering and manufacturing took a while. I will do a thorough review of the Pebble once I have a chance to play with it, but I wanted you to see it:

Pebble E-Paper Watch for iPhone

I have weighed in for my DietBet. I am not going to show you the scale picture, but here is the other one:

Glenneth WeighIn

I am still waiting to receive the email confirmation from DietBet that the photos I submitted were acceptable and see what my goal is. The DietBet starts TOMORROW and runs through April 25th. And now…


I need your help promoting my DietBet. Please help me encourage others to sign up and participate. If you (or they) are on a weight loss journey, this is a great way to jump-start the progress or push past a plateau, have fun, and possibly earn a few extra dollars.

Here are the details from my first post:

I am doing something starting March 29th (TOMORROW) that should really help me, and might help you, lose some unwanted weight. I am hosting a DietBet. Woohoo!!! I have heard great things about them and am excited to get to host one. Have you heard about DietBet?

DietBet is a 4-Week Social Dieting Game where you have the opportunity to lose weight and WIN money. Did you know that cash has been shown to bribe people to lose weight? I think cash is a great motivator! Think of the cute new clothes you could buy after losing a few pounds. Or maybe a mani/pedi.

For all DietBet games, the goal is to lose 4% of your weight during the game which runs for 4 weeks. Essentially that is 1% of your weight each week. All the winners (or in this case “losers”) split the pot. There is no limit to the number of people who can join nor to the number of people who can meet their goal. Each DietBet host sets their own price to play. I have seen some of the entry fees in the DietBet games go to $35-$50. I decided to keep mine easy – $20. A $20 price means giving up 1 fancy Starbucks drink a week.

How does DietBet work? You join and weigh in. Here is what you will need to weigh in:

  • a scale (preferably digital)
  • a digital camera or smartphone
  • A full-length mirror or someone to take your photo

The weigh-in process is easier than it sounds and DietBet sends out email reminders and how-tos. I had my hubby take my picture of me on the scale, but I took the actual picture of the scale number.

Curious about what 4% of your weight is?

  • 225 pounds – 9 pounds
  • 200 pounds – 8 pounds
  • 175 pounds – 7 pounds
  • 150 pounds – 6 pounds

My DietBet will start March 29th (TOMORROW) and end four weeks later. Just think how good it will feel to start May (and summer season) a little lighter with a tad more money. Curious about some of the DietBet results? Check this out:

  • 85% of participants lose 4.5 lbs on average
  • 32% of participants reach their target goal of 4% of their starting weight and end up “winning” their game and splitting the pot with the other winners (while losing over 8 lbs on average)
  • 100% of participants have fun

Are you ready to join me? Here is the link to join my DietBet and what our dashboard looks like:

Let's Talk, Walk & Lose Weight

Not only will you receive support from the other players on the DietBet page, I will be offering support and tips over on my facebook page and of course here on the blog. There is also a DietBet iPhone app for those of you on the go.

Come join my DietBet and let’s lose together! The more support the better! If you have any questions, please leave a comment in the blog or email me. I will be happy to answer them!

Ready to lose some weight? Think you might play along? Any questions about DietBet? Big plans for the three-day weekend?

Enjoy your day!


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