Heart Health After a Physical

Good morning and Happy Monday! Ready for another week? It is going to be a crazy busy week. Along with my regular full-time job and my health coach studying, here’s what is happening this week:

  • my mom returns from her cruise – TODAY
  • our big 31 event – TONIGHT
  • dentist – TUESDAY
  • girl’s night out – TUESDAY
  • back to doctor for lab work – WEDNESDAY
  • my beginner’s yoga class – WEDNESDAY
  • TRX class – THURSDAY

On Friday I talked about Let’s Keep Our Hearts Healthy. I mentioned I was heading to meet my new doctor and have a physical. WOW! Let’s just say Friday morning was an eye opener.

I had been with my doctor for 30 some years when he retired. Both my parents also saw this same gentleman. I loved getting to see him and certainly respected him. However, after my physical on Friday, I am certainly questioning my quality of care for the past few years. I see an OB/GYN every year and have been having mammograms since the age of 35, so that area is covered. For the physicals that my GP did, I would go in, have my blood pressure taken, and some blood drawn. That was it.

Let me share how Friday’s appointment went. I first met with the nurse. She was terrific. Asked me about all the doctors I currently saw (or have seen), made notes, asked why I saw them, etc. Getting a good history on me. Then a little ruffle in the feathers. She checked to make sure I had not eaten anything. Well, I had had breakfast. No one told me to fast. So, I have to go back this week for the lab work. Then the tests started. I met my new doctor at this point. I liked her from the word go.

Peed in a cup. Chest Xrays. EKG. Temperature and blood pressure taken. Eyes checked. Nose and ears checked. Lungs and heart listened to. She immediately made she that someone had mentioned the words “heart murmur” to me. Yes, but I thought that was over when I was a baby. Apparently not. She can hear it. To make sure everything is under control, I am having an echocardiogram in two weeks.

She asked when my last tetanus was. I could not remember and she could not find it on her charts. So, got a tetanus shot. Little did I know there are side effects from tetanus shots. About an hour after, it gave me a headache and made me woozy. Then this weekend, the spot where I had my shot has been super sore. But, I am covered.

All in all, I have NEVER had this thorough of a physical and I will now insist on it every year. My health insurance PAYS for a physical once a year. No copay. I should be getting everything possible done for preventative maintenance.

The one thing that disappointed me (and one of the reasons I am becoming a health coach) was that she never mentioned my weight as a factor to any symptoms, asked what I ate, asked if I exercised, nothing like that. With the fact that I have a heart murmur and heart problems run on BOTH sides of our family, you would think this would be important. Maybe she will discuss this after all the lab work results come in. We shall see.

Some ways to help keep your heart healthy:

Source: multicare.org via Angie on Pinterest

How do you keep your heart healthy? When was your last physical? If you don’t remember, scheduled it now. Same for your dental appointments, OB/GYM appointments, and mammograms.

Enjoy your day!


6 Responses to “Heart Health After a Physical”

  1. I also had a murmur when I was a baby and thought it went away. My GYN found it when I was 18. No one had ever mentioned it up to that point! He sent me for an echo, it’s just a noisy valve. Nothing that I have to take meds for or anything. when I was prego with the little ladies, the murmur got so loud that my hubs could hear it by putting his ear on my chest. No stethoscope needed!
    Good luck with your labs and tests this week!

  2. As a gal with a robot ticker I take the whole heart health thing very seriously! It sounds like your doc has given you a FULL work up – which is AMAZING!

    Taking preventative measures – weight control, diet, and exercise – are SO SO important to our overall health. It sounds like you are rocking it!

  3. You know since I have had kids for the last 6 years I have just relied on the OB/GYN check ups but good reminder to get them. I know our insurance would cover it too.

    • Yep. Need the regular doctor AND the OB/GYN for a full checkup.