Have You Met Mr. Elliptical?

Happy Halloween! I must buy candy on my way home from work. We are having a cookout at our neighbors before the kids (theirs) head out to trick or treat. Then after the kids are done, we are roasting marshmellows! Doesn’t that sound like a fun Halloween evening? I figured the best way to not eat any Halloween candy would be to not buy it until the very last minute! I like to give out good (read: chocolate) candy. The question is always how much to buy. Leftovers cannot sit in the house. And I really don’t want them at work.

With the cold weather back in full force, I am becoming acquainted with my friend Mr. Elliptical again. He was my workout of choice Monday and yesterday. I could put on layer upon layer and go outside and walk OR I could put on regular workout clothes and go downstairs to Mr. Elliptical. If it were sunny outside, I would brave the elements. On gloomy days with wind, I will take the elliptical.

Meet Mr. Elliptical:

Since I have gone back to the elliptical this week, I am excited to have a guest post about the advantages and disadvantages of elliptical trainers.

Exercising at Home: Advantages & Disadvantages of Elliptical Trainer

The Elliptical Trainer is fast becoming one of the most popular home exercising devices around. This device, also called the elliptical trainer or the cross-trainer, is great for a stimulating run or walk in your home gym. They’re popular with both adults and children in need of healthy workouts. There are many advantages to using elliptical trainers. However, there are a few disadvantages as well.

Advantages of an Elliptical Trainer

• Less Risk of Joint Strains and Injuries
Elliptical trainers provide you with a low impact workout. This helps to eliminate joint pains, which can occur after high impact workouts. These types of workouts also decrease your chances of suffering from impact injuries. Injuries are one of the greatest reasons why exercise routines have to come to a screeching halt.

• Multiple, Simultaneous Workout of Muscle Groups
When you work out with your elliptical trainer, you’re exercising all of your lower and upper body muscles at the same time. This helps you to burn more calories with each exercise session. It also gives you a workout that helps to tone all of your muscles evenly, for a better looking shape. That means that your body will look great from top to bottom, as long as your workout regularly.

• Customized Workouts
Most elliptical training equipment comes with the ability to provide you with a customized workout. Many have about 5-10 various types of workouts for you to choose from. This keeps your training sessions exciting by allowing you to do something different everyday. Because you never get bored with your sessions, you get more efficient workouts.

Disadvantages of Elliptical Trainers

• Takes Time Getting Used To
In the beginning, some users have complained that the equipment doesn’t have a natural feel to it. However, with consistent use, they overcome this issue and get used to the unique style of the workout they provide.

• Toning Issues
This type of exercise equipment is not necessarily sport-specific for running experts. Those training for marathons may not get the workout they need. But, they do provide healthy workouts for losing weight and developing abs.

• Choosing the Right Elliptical Trainer
Another disadvantage some people experience is getting confused about with elliptical trainer is the best one. There are various Elliptical Trainer series to choose from: Hybrid Series, Front Drive Series and Rear Drive Series. If you’re having a problem choosing which elliptical trainer series is right for you, Pro-Form experts are here to help.

Author: Agnes Jimenez is a professional blogger and writer. She writes for various online establishments and currently partners with ProForm.com in raising awareness about the importance of health and fitness. Her works can also be seen in one of the most famous health communities online – Health2News.com. She is also blogging about health and fitness here. You may follow her in twitter @empressofdrac.


I see myself using the elliptical more and more during the winter months. I am curious to see how quickly the surgeon will let me on it. Since it is not weight-bearing it could be fairly quickly.

If you could own one piece of cardio equipment, what would it be? What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

Happy Halloween! Enjoy your day!

8 Responses to “Have You Met Mr. Elliptical?”

  1. I do enjoy my elliptical. But I also enjoy running, spinning and cycling 🙂 Nothing like mixing up my cardio!

  2. The place we house-sat the past 3 winters had an elliptical and I did tr it a few times but just didn’t think it ‘fit’ me. It was quite uncomfortable on my lower back after a few minutes.

    I think they are a great idea if you can get it set up properly.

  3. Your Halloween sounds like it is going to be so much fun! Roasted marshmallows sounds like the perfect way to top off the night. As far as ellipticals, I don’t so much enjoy them 100%. It’s a nice way to change things up though, especially when you’re injured!!

  4. When it comes to the elliptical sometimes I run on it for a while like a month and then i get sick of it and run outside for two and so on and so on! It is a nice change!

  5. I mostly use my elliptical for a 10-15 min warm up before I do weights but sometimes I do a longer workout.

  6. I definitely use the elliptical a lot when I work out during the winter months. Especially now too as I continue to rehab my knee. If I could own cardio equipment – an endless pool!! I’m also with you on the Halloween candy. Things that I wouldn’t normally eat are so tempting when they are miniature and in cute packaging!