Halfway Through 2015 – Goal Checkup

I cannot believe that HALF of 2015 is over. WOW! Just WOW! With the end of the month it is time to review my 2015 goals.

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2015 Goals

Yoga at least 1 – 2x per month – Made it to yoga twice this month on Saturdays. I was out-of-town one Saturday and at the 31 Product Premiere for the other. I am definitely averaging 1-2 classes per month which was my ultimate goal.

Walk an average of one 5K per month – I have currently walked 10 5Ks this year, so certainly above average. I didn’t have one in June and will have one in July. I slow down for the summer (heat) which is turning out to be good right now because of my foot (diagnosed Monday with plantar fasciitis and a heel spur).

Start online health and fitness coaching business – Sadly, this is where I am lacking. I WILL have this completely up and going by the end of the year though.

Give/sell things I am not using and stop buying things I don’t truly need – Probably 50/50 on this. I have certainly been better, but always room for improvement. I need to watch myself on these style challenges, I go a little overboard. Luckily the next one isn’t until Fall (October). This gives me plenty of time to wear all the clothes I bought for Spring/Summer.

Workout in the AM a few mornings a week – Nope. Taking this one off the list for the remainder of the year. It is just not happening.

Utilize standing desk at work more often – I refuse to take this one off because we spent $400 on this desk for me. Once my foot gets better I will start slowly (maybe 30 minutes per day) and work up to half day again.

Bench press 200 pounds by end of year – Haven’t really focused on this at all – mainly due to being lazy and unmotivated. No reason this can’t stay on for the remainder of the year.

Finally, another fabulous quote from the #femPOWER retreat:

Today is a Gift

How are your 2015 goals coming?



One Response to “Halfway Through 2015 – Goal Checkup”

  1. wellll my goal was to be silent more and I THINK Ive nailed it?
    Not entirely but I have listened more and chimed in less in a GREAT WAY