Guest Post: New Spin On A Home Gym

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Today I have a guest post for you on celebrities and home gyms. Building a home gym is quite affordable (and for some exercises – FREE).

Celebrity Bodies: A New Spin On Your Home Gym

If beauty can be found in all shapes and sizes, then why would 16 percent of women in a recent study trade a year of their life to be thin? That same study showed that 10 percent of women would trade up to five years. It’s both a shocking and familiar sentiment in our culture, as keeping your body healthy and in-shape tends to be on the forefront of our self-image.

Staying in shape isn’t about having the perfect body, it’s about maximizing your potential and enjoying your life to the fullest. Many of us dread hauling our tired selves off to a gym after a nine-hour day packed into a cubicle, and hiring a personal trainer is generally pretty expensive (despite many women admittedly paying over $8,000 per year on body-related expenses). Luckily, whipping your body back into shape doesn’t have to be costly or torturous, take a cue from some of the world’s best bodies.

Kate Winslet, Sandra Bullock, Eva Longoria: DVDs All the Way

In the U.S. four out of five people who own gym memberships don’t use them (except for the first week), which explains why gyms can afford to have such nice equipment and still remain largely empty. Often, when we sigh in envy over Eva Longoria’s size zero, or pine for Kate’s luscious curves, we brush them off as impossible standards that cost the salary of a world-renown trainer, but that’s not the case at all.

These ladies all swear by their favorite workout videos, mostly from the comfort of their home or hotel room. They might supplement a personal trainer here and there, but the combination keeps them in tip-top close-up shape. Each individual has a video regimen that works best for them. For example, Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing has a 12-week video training program called FABS Cyberfitness that allows you to tailor your exercise program to fit your needs, complete with the attention of personal trainers, and classes that range from Pilates to weight training to yoga. With personalized programs like the one offered by FHTM, you get the benefits of a trainer and a gym in your living room.

Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson: Be a Baller With a Ball

There are a lot of gorgeous Jessicas in Hollywood, and these two A-listers have the same idea when it comes to fun, generally simple exercises with a big rubber ball. Ball training helps build excellent overall muscle tone for your body (remember muscle tissue burns exponentially more calories than fat).

Another ball training plus is their gentleness. People with sensitive joints or injuries can get a powerful workout without causing strain. Exercise balls are a great way to strengthen your core and keep your back aligned. Jessica Alba swears by 30 minutes of cardio followed by crunches on her exercise ball, a low impact, results-driven endeavor that doesn’t allow for any excuses.

Penelope Cruz, Kelly Osbourne: Nothin’ Like the Great Outdoors


For the wild, more free-spirited types, a romp outside, a bike ride or a particularly stimulating round of Frisbee golf just might be the answer. For free-spirited celebrities like Penelope Cruze and Kelly Osbourne (and if you’ve seen her recent weight-loss, you’ll want to pay attention), it’s all about outdoor activities, from skiing to hiking to community softball. You can burn calories, connect with friends and enjoy the view for free.

These activities aren’t limited to just leisure play either, weeding the lawn and mowing the grass burns up to 266-389 calories per hour. Clearing snow and leaves can also burn over 135 calories every half hour, even if you’re using a snow blower. Even walking your dog burns up to 245 calories an hour, now that’s something to fetch for!

Authored by: Donna Bloom – A former yoga instructor, Donna decided to turn her energy toward making recyclable, comfortable and affordable clothing for yogis and runners to enjoy. She loves talking about sustainable fashion.

What’s your favorite home exercise? Do you have a favorite fitness DVD?

Enjoy your day!


13 Responses to “Guest Post: New Spin On A Home Gym”

  1. LOVE THIS as when we move Im not joining a gym at all and am PRAYING for a holiday gift or a TRX.
    until then I shall do my YOGA FOR RUNNERS dvd 🙂

    • I believe it. I know tons of people who have one or even two gym memberships but never go. Wish I could convince them to give me that money. Lol.

  2. Love our home gym! We remodeled the garage and it was the best investment ever.

    My favorite workout at home is spinning and boxing. Favorite fitness DVD’s are Walk Away the Pounds which I haven’t done in a while and Turbo Jam. Jury is still out on Turbo Fire.

        • I don’t think it’s weird! Not any weirder as when they take the breaks after the fire drills and some of the people smile and wave at the camera – if I was drinking or not paying attention I rewind because I feel guilty or like they’ll think I’m a jerk for not smiling back. Um, hello they can’t even see me it’s a DVD!!! LOL

      • Another vote for Turbo Jam. I just keep hearing good things about this.

    • I am hearing such positive things about Turbo Jam. I may have to invest in that.

  3. I love me some Les Mills Pump at home! I especially love that the DVD set comes with the barbell and some weights so even if you’re just doing it in your living room, you’re set! You don’t even have to set up a home gym! And you can use that big ol’ rubber ball as a bench if you don’t have one – makes you add some core work to the mix.