Goodbye July – Time For A Goal Checkup

Another month of 2015 ends today. July truly did fly by, yet the 4th of July seems so long ago. Let’s check up on my goals!

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2015 Goals

Yoga at least 1 – 2x per month – Not only did I make it to yoga twice this month, I went with a friend each time. Always makes for a fun yoga class!

Walk an average of one 5K per month – I am still at 10 5Ks for the year. I wound up not walking the one on July 3rd due to my foot issues. I will still meet 12 (or more) for the year.

Start online health and fitness coaching business – I have upped my Instagram game and am working on my optins. I am also working with a business mentor in September to jump start everything.

Give/sell things I am not using and stop buying things I don’t truly need – Probably 50/50 on this. Have I probably spent more than I should? Yes. Did I go overboard? I don’t think so. Plus I am still trying to give/sell things as necessary.

Workout in the AM a few mornings a week – This is off the list.

Utilize standing desk at work more often – Nope, haven’t done it at all in July.

Bench press 200 pounds by end of year – Haven’t really focused on this either.

But, let’s talk about some other things I did this month:

So, while I might not have been concentrating on my goals, I was having a fabulous July and get a lot accomplished and having a lot of fun.

How are your 2015 goals coming?



2 Responses to “Goodbye July – Time For A Goal Checkup”

  1. Those are all great goals to have! I love that you check in every month with them.. great way to hold yourself accountable!

  2. Great goal check in! I did something similar earlier this month when I was feeling like I had fallen off the wagon and needed a bit of encouragement. Here’s to another great month!