Get Skinny Again: My Review

Disclosure: I was provided this book free of charge in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Please feel free to check out my full Disclosure Policy.

I have to admit, I had actually never heard of Sarah Dussault, writer of Get Skinny Again, before I had the chance to review her book. I am now a HUGE fan of hers.

A side note: the link above is to her paperback book on Amazon. There is also a Kindle version, but I am not sure you would get the whole effect from the e-reader version. The paperback is colorful and there are tons of photos of exercises with instructions. As much as I love Kindle books, I think this is a perfect case to get the real one.

Get Skinny Again

Overall, I love this book – especially Part One: Time To Get On Your Fitness. Sarah doesn’t just tell you what to do, she shows you by creating a workout schedule, exercise sets, and then instructions on how to do every exercise. And SHE is showing you how to do the exercises. These are routines you can do at home, outdoors, or in the gym. She also creates 10 minute workouts for when you are short on time. There is a 10 minute workout for toning your arms (you know I love working out my arms!). Part One is a little over half the book and crammed packed of helpful information, tips, and workouts.

The next section, Time To Eat Clean to Get Lean, talks about eating clean, calories, meal prep, diets, and more. Sarah offers meal suggestions for whether you are at home or on the go. I wish the eating section were as colorful as the fitness section. I specifically wish each recipe had at least one photo (always helpful). I will say as someone who doesn’t cook, I love that her recipes are simple with ingredients I recognize (even if maybe I haven’t tried them yet).

My biggest issue with the book was actually the title – Get Skinny Again. Again, this is MY ISSUE. I have problems with the word skinny. While reading the book, I would substitute healthy or happy weight every time I saw the word skinny.

The back of the book states:

Sarah Fit: Get Skinny Again is tailored to women who thought they were naturally skinny but are beginning to notice some extra weight without their parents’ cooking or a coach providing an exercise routine. It’s essential for women who were never taught the basics of healthy diet and exercise, and want to balance the two so they can get back the body they were used to and proud of.

I was never naturally skinny and will never be. Weight has always been an issue. Since I had the opportunity to ask Sarah a question, I asked:

“What would you say to women who might feel your book isn’t for them because they were never skinny and aren’t naturally skinny?”

Here is Sarah’s response:

I love this question because the first line of my introduction in the book is actually, “To the 99% of you that are not naturally skinny…” I am an athletic gal who loves to eat. I am not naturally skinny. I balance my appetite with my workout routines. I will admit that growing up I was never more than 10 lbs overweight until I got to college where even then I just gained about 30 lbs. The weight gain allowed me to discover how my body could lose weight but it also changed something inside my head. Since then, I’ve consistently struggled with overeating, I know what it is like to eat out of boredom, and just think about food nonstop regardless of how many calories have been consumed that day. It’s a constant challenge for me to maintain my weight post weight loss. This book shares my knowledge of effective workouts that burn calories during and after your workout. It also shares my favorite recipes that are satisfying as meals and also snacks that allow you to either satisfy a sweet tooth or mindless eat on foods that are low in calorie that maybe don’t serve a nutritional purpose but an emotional and sometimes necessary one. This book most of all, is like a handbook on what a fitness plan for weight loss can and should look like. It also lays out what a balanced lifestyle realistically looks like! I am not giving up my wine or dessert so I’ve accepted my weight may never be as low as other fitness personalities. My weight is a constant challenge. No one loses weight by accident.

I wrote this book to reflect what has worked best for me in maintaining my weight loss but the practices apply and will work for someone that has never felt skinny. I don’t consider myself as skinny. I consider myself fit and healthy but when I eat well and exercise right, I feel skinny for me! Skinny is the title is meant to mean something different for everyone. I feel skinny when I know I’m feeding my body what it needs, and exercising regularly. That’s what it means to get skinny again to me, it’s to get to a physique that you are most confident. I talk about you happy healthy weight in the book as well not an unrealistic ideal number that is attainable for a day. It’s not about weight, it’s about how you feel in your clothes, and for me, I feel best when I feel skinny. I guess I always feel fit but that doesn’t always mean I’m eating the right things which is why skinny was used and fit was not. Weight loss is 80% diet.

Want to learn more? Connect with Sarah and Get Skinny Again on social media at these channels:

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If you are looking for some new workouts and recipes to try, I would definitely recommend this buying this book. And be sure and follow Sarah’s YouTube channel as well.

Have you read the book? Share your thoughts? Does this look like something you would buy?

Have a healthy day!


6 Responses to “Get Skinny Again: My Review”

  1. I love when I have a schedule to work with! Looks like a fabulous book..but I’m with you, I don’t care for the word skinny. Love your positive attitude and how you substituted healthy!

  2. I’ve followed Sarah on her blog and YouTube for quite some times! She is definitely an inspiration to so many people. I think I am going to need to check out her book! 🙂 I am glad she wrote one, it’s about time! ha ha!