Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Happy Hump Day! Hope you are having a great week.

Getting bored with the same old workout or activity? Try something new out of your comfort zone!! I talked about trying something new when I went to the lake and went kayaking. Not only was it something new, but it was out of my comfort zone. So, I thought I would share a few activities that might be out of your comfort zone.


Kayaking was beautiful and peaceful, but the thought of falling in the water or not being able to make it back to the dock was a bit scary. While this will probably take more planning than some of the other activities, it is well worth it. We are hoping to take a group kayaking trip at a nearby quarry while the weather is still good.


Stand Up Paddleboard

I have not been paddleboarding yet, but it is on my bucket list and is definitely out of my comfort zone. Standing up on a small board in a lake? We all know my balance is not exceptional. However, with the paddleboards you start out seated, then slowly move to your knees, then once you are comfortable with that – move to standing.



Ever try boxing or kickboxing? We have a boxing/MMA room in the gym and I bought some (pink) boxing gloves just to use it. Need to get some stress out? These are fabulous things to hit and a great arm workout.

2015-03-03 21.03.35


Our gym has a rock climbing wall that everyone can use once you are certified. I tried it and going up was fine, but the step off was a bit scary. Even though you are hooked into pulleys that catch you and lower you down gently. I actually found myself climbing back down. This is definitely an out of my comfort zone room.

2015-03-03 20.38.15


Spinning is quite popular and if you haven’t ever cycled can be out of your comfort zone. I highly recommend padded bike shorts and gloves for a class like this – and lots of water and a towel. Our bikes at the gym actually lean and turn to simulate a real bike. Like I need any help almost falling.

2015-03-03 20.54.17

Leg Press

Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone can be trying a new weight machine. Pick any machine you have never done at the gym and try it this week. You never know – it might become your new favorite!

2015-03-09 16.17.55

Weighted Ropes

You see these weight ropes on Biggest Loser a lot. They are actually quite fun and not as heavy as you might think. Another great way to have fun, get some exercise, and release some stress.

2015-03-18 16.41.27

Slam Balls

And finally, one of my favorites slam balls. I will be honest – I would have never tried these except I saw someone else doing them and thought – I could do that. Now I do some almost every time I am at the gym. You can do them off a trampoline like this or against a wall or floor.

2015-03-18 16.43.09

What activity would get you out of your comfort zone?



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