Friday's Favorite Reads . . .

Pink Christmas Tree

Good morning and TGIF! Another Friday is here. WOOHOO!!!

Today will be work, then running errands, then a night in with hubby. Tomorrow morning I am supposed to walk my final 5K of the year. However, it looks like we are going to have torrential rains, I don’t do 5Ks in the rain. Extreme heat – yes. Snow – yes. Cold rain when I am recovering from acute bronchitis – NO. So, I seriously hope Mother Nature changes her plans for the area. It could start raining at noon and I would be GREAT! Tomorrow evening is dinner out while watching our favorite local musician play. Sunday is Christmas with part of my family.

Check out this delicious smoothie I made yesterday. It was mainly frozen berries and low-fat vanilla yogurt.

Berry Smoothie

I wasn’t on Twitter much this week, so I don’t have any tweets so share. Instead, I am sharing quite a few must read blog posts with you. Happy Reading!

Must Read Blog Posts

New Year’s reSOLUTIONS: Living Well by ME – As you guys know, I don’t normally post my own blogs here, but this is something I wrote for ForeFront Magazine. My 2014 New Year’s ReSOLUTION. Instead of doing 14 in 2014 like I did 12 in 2012 and 13 in 2013, I have one big goal for the upcoming year. Would really love and appreciate some comments over there!

50 Circuit Workouts by Lindsay – Monday’s #Elf4Health challenge was to do a circuit workout. Lindsay took the workouts that people posted and made one HUGE blog post with them. Be sure and save this for when you are looking to try something new!

A Lesson from Geneen Roth: Eat the Foods that Hum to You by Rachel – Humming foods satisfy you both emotionally AND physically. Rachel talks about why this is important and shares her humming foods and her beckoning foods.

Collection of Boot Camp Workouts by Julie – Another collection of workouts you will want to save. Julie puts together some serious workouts that will make you SWEAT.

16 Favorite DIY Holiday Gifts by Heather – If you are looking for some DIY gifts to give this year for Christmas – check out these that Heather found. I think my favorite might be the DIY Brownie Mix.

Wake-Up Workout by Tina – Looking for a great morning workout that isn’t too high intensity? Tina created a great one. Maybe this becomes your before work workout or a Sunday morning go-to workout.

And finally, two posts by health coaches Rachel and Kendall who experienced the same thing recently at a gym and are sharing their experiences.

Rachel – No, I Don’t Need You To Shrink Me and Make Me Hot
Kendall – Important Post on Self Love

I love their messages – Love Your Body and Empower Yourself. Truly, these are must reads by everyone. And if you are a personal trainer, take these lessons to heart when working with clients.

What plans do you have for the weekend? Are you finished with your Christmas shopping?

Have a healthy day!


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  1. Thank you so much!! Enjoy your fun weekend! I hope you stay dry 🙂 were going tiger a ton of snow in boston!