Friday’s Fabulous Five is Back!

TGIF!!! This feels like a really short week since I only went into the office one day. While EVERYTHING else I had planned this week got canceled/rescheduled, I was able to make my hair color/cut appointment yesterday afternoon. So thankful for that.

It has been a while since I have shared some tweets and blog posts, so that’s what I am doing today!

The weekend starts here!

Five Fabulous Tweets

Five Must Read Blog Posts

How to Fall Asleep Faster (no medication required!) by Brooke – For over the past month, I have not been sleeping well. I went to the doctor and she recommended melatonin. Well, turns out, I had two allergic reactions to the melatonin. So, I found this article by Brooke about a breathing technique to help you fall asleep faster (and hopefully stay asleep). I will be giving this one a try!

Walk It Out: The Benefits of Walking + Walking Workouts by Jennifer – You know how much I love walking, so I couldn’t pass up sharing this blog post. I am ready for the bitterly cold to get out-of-town so that we can get outside and walk more. I have also been looking at 5Ks for the next couple of months.

#wycwyc is not about excuses. by Carla – #wycwyc stands for what you can, when you can and I love this explanation from Carla that it is not about excuses. It provides you the opportunity for acceptance. Carla and Roni have a #wycwyc podcast out – I encourage you to start from the beginning and listen to it. Then preorder the #wycwyc book from Amazon.

6 Ways to be Heart Healthy – American Heart Month by Maureen – We are still in February which is heart month. Maureen offers six ways to keep your heart healthy. One that often goes overlooked – STRESS LESS. Figure out a way to reduce the stress in your life or manage the stress better. Whether it is meditation, yoga, journaling, etc.; find something that works for you to keep the stress manageable in your life.

Today: My Favorite Online Classes by Elizabeth – Looking to learn or explore your creative side? Check out these online classes that Elizabeth suggests. I would certainly love to take a class in Lightroom. I know I don’t use it to its fullest potential.

Well, we are under another winter storm warning starting this evening. That does not bode well for me making it to yoga tomorrow. Guessing there will need to be some streaming video yoga happening.

What’s on your agenda for the weekend?



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  1. Thanks for including my post! Can’t wait to read the others you suggested. Have a great weekend!