Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

It's Friday!

TGIF! Guess what happens today? Bowling! Every year I bowl with some of my girl friends to benefit Big Brothers, Big Sisters. If you want to see something funny, check out one of my original blog posts on my very first blog. Our team name is Diamonds in the Gutter and that should tell you how well we bowl. My goal is always to get in double digits. Regardless of our scores, we always have a great time and enjoy raising money to support such a great cause.

This week has FLOWN by and I cannot believe we are ending the first week of March already. Wow. Time really does fly by. I saw my new doctor this week (love her) and my dentist. When was the last time you had a check up? I go see a new eye doctor Monday so I will have all my bases covered.

Let’s get started with Friday’s Fabulous Five!

Five Must Read Blog Posts

12 Things You Should Clean More Often by Lindsay – Overwhelmed by spring cleaning? Why not start with this list of 12 things you should clean more often? I am guilty of not cleaning quite a few of these regularly – especially reusable water bottles. And laundry baskets! I never thought about those to tell you the truth – although to be honest, I have one just for dirty clothes and one only for clean clothes.

Creating Power Bowl Meals – Tips and recipes for easy clean eating by Amanda – I love the idea of a power bowl and Amanda offers some great suggestions. I have never thought about just throwing a bunch of healthy items together in a bowl. My go-to protein would probably be eggs or crab meat. If salsa if something you want to add to your bowl, have you tried Wholly Salsa? It is amazing!

Wholly Hot Salsa

Do These 10 Things in Your Kitchen to Lose Weight by Jenny – The kitchen is the most important place where weight loss is concerned. Jenny offers up 10 ideas for your kitchen to help you lost weight. I did #4 this week and made pre-made baggies of my own version of trail mix (unsalted raw almonds, dried cranberries, and a few dark chocolate chips). I love #6 – the idea of pre-made smoothie bags. Which items do you need to concentrate on?

5 Things You Need to Know About Barre Class by Bite Size Wellness – I get a lot of questions about barre class and here is a great article that describes what you need to know. It is definitely not a “dance” class, but you do use ballet positions at times. You will definitely feel the burn doing one of these classes.

5 Reasons Why Your Workouts Aren’t Working by Danielle – Working out regularly but not seeing results? Danielle lists 5 reasons why they might not be working. Are you doing too much cardio? Try switching some cardio for strength training. Also – don’t forget rest days. I am learning that after two intense work out days, I need the next day to be a rest day.

Five Motivational Tweets

Big plans for the weekend? Share something fun with me!

Have a healthy day!


4 Responses to “Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .”

  1. MHA (Missy)

    Hi, Glenneth!
    This weekend, I need to get a run of about an hour long (~6 mi. will be over an hour) in, and I think I will take the kiddos to see Frozen. I hear it is the best new Disney movie in a long time. I have some steaks marinating for supper, so I’m excited about that too!! Have a great weekend!!