Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

Good morning and Happy Friday! TGIF! After being snowed in Wednesday, I got out of the house and back to normal life on Thursday. I went to the office AND I went to the gym. I really missed the gym Tuesday and Wednesday, but honestly I was still recovering from spin class on Monday.

Last night’s class? Body Attack. One of the things that makes the classes at my gym so great is that everyone is so friendly. I had made 3 new friends before class started – and none of us had taken the class before. I loved the instructor last night – she was so high energy. She made sure that everyone knew both the high impact and low impact version of all the steps.

I will definitely be taking this class more often. Like Body Combat pretty much the only thing needed was a mat. Also like Body Combat, the class wasn’t near full which gave us plenty of room to work.

Check out my FitBit stats from yesterday and my heart rate info from Body Attack (missed the first 10 minutes of class – forgot to start my watch):

FitBit Stats
Body Combat Heart Rate

Let’s dive into Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

Five Must Read Blog Posts

Do you need to do cardio if you’re lifting heavy? by Tamara – Tamara lists five reasons to do cardio even if you are lifting heavy weights. My favorite might be increased movement. Regardless of what we do (or don’t do) I think everyone can benefit by increased movement in their life.

The Perfect Pair by Kath – Kath did a project with Smuckers and has made some amazing looking food pairings. I am definitely going to have to try the raspberry and cheddar omelet. Be warned – her photos are amazing and will make you hungry.

5 Ideas to Recharge Your Fitness Routine by Caitlin – Struggling to get active this winter? Caitlin offers five ways to recharge your fitness routine. Number 2 might be my favorite – the 30/2 rule. This states that for every 30 minutes sitting you should move 2 minutes. Today I am going to set my timer while I work from home. At least every 30 minutes I am going to get up and do something – squats, walk up and down the stairs, biceps curls, something.

Tips: How Do I Start? by Tanee – Listen when Tanee speaks – she has lost over 200 pounds. Do you just not know where to start with your healthy journey? Tanee offers 11 tips to get you going. Of course I LOVE number 7. And number 11 might be the most important.

Week 5 Challenge: Drink More Water by Tina – Tina has been doing weekly challenges and I think this one is a great place for anyone to start. Water is so very important. Drinking water constantly throughout the day is a must. Tina offers some tips to getting in more water throughout the day. Mine is to keep water with me everywhere I go.

Five Motivational Tweets

How can you add more movement into your day? How do you get your water in? Strength training, cardio, or both?

Have a healthy day!


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