Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

Good morning and TGIF! Ready for a great weekend? Huge shoot out to my friend M who is running a 10 mile race tomorrow. I think it is her first 10 miler! Hubby is doing the same race so I am quite excited to cheer them both on. While they are out running, my friend J and I will be getting in some walking.

Check out my birthday plant that my mom brought me. The blooms keep popping:

Pink Flower

Guess what I did last night – Aqua Yoga! My new gym has a heated therapy pool so I decided to try out Aqua Yoga. It was super fun – lots of stretching. The sauna is also open now so we headed there after yoga to dry off and warm up (the locker rooms are COLD). I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying my new gym. It really makes me excited about working out. I think I will try Body Pump Sunday and Spinning on Monday.

Let’s dive into Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

Five Must Read Blog Posts

Answers to 5 Hurts-So-Good Questions About Foam Rolling by Caitlin – I actually foam rolled for the first time this week after one of my classes. Hurts so good is definitely true. Foam rolling is definitely something that will take some getting used to. I am looking to buy a foam roller for the house but haven’t found one I “love” yet. I really thought the ones at the gym looked a little large (diameter wise) compared to what I normally see at stores.

2014: My New Year’s Resolutions by Lauren – It is not too late to set some 2014 resolutions and I love this list Lauren came up with. I may have to set these in a future blog. On the “I want to wear more” – you know what I would probably put – tank tops with toned arms for the summer!

Eat the Way that Works For You by Stephanie – At IIN we learned all about bio-individuality and that is why I love this post from Stephanie. You have to find what foods/way of eating works for YOU, not anyone else. My favorite sentence of the post: “There is no magic diet for health or weight loss, just like there is no magic pill or powder.”

7 ways to maintain your fitness motivation this winter by Angela – It would be so easy to hibernate for the winter and come up again during Spring. However, fitness needs to be year round. Angela offers 7 tips to maintain your fitness motivation this winter. For me I am challenging myself to new things at the new gym. How are you staying motivated?

A Colorful, Nourishing Diet by Kath – Kath describes the colorful foundations of a nourishing diet. This would make a great printout/checklist for a shopping list. How many do you get in per week?

Five Motivational Tweets

What are you doing this weekend? What do you look for most in a gym/fitness facility?

Have a healthy day!


4 Responses to “Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .”

  1. Thanks for the shout out!! Can’t wait to see you in the (early, cold) morning!!
    Love all your FFFs!

  2. EAT THE WAY THAT WORKS FOR YOU – this could not be more true! THERE IS and there will NEVER BE a one-size-fits all. Yes, there are certain things we should all consider doing, but over all we are all built different so what might work for me, may not work for you! I wish more people would realize this!