Friday's Fabulous Five

TGIF! Its Friday. And at 2:30 today, I am OFF until Thursday at 8AM. I am looking forward to my much-needed break. I love my job, but everyone needs an extended break now and then. That way you can come back refreshed and better than ever.

Check out the beautiful sunset from the other night:

Knoxville Sunset

Check out the berry smoothie with spinach I made yesterday! Frozen berries, yogurt, spinach, and a splash of soy to keep everything moving. The berries are so colorful you hardly notice the spinach in the final product.

Berry Smoothie with Spinach

Let’s dive right into Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

Five Must Read Blog Posts

Rebel Dieting by Kath – Kath offers a guest post by Kait, a registered dietician. This is exactly how I am trying to live and eat. Nothing off-limits, everything in moderation, and feeding my body what it needs/wants. Apparently there is a book called “Rebel Dieting” but it seems to be out of print and not available for e-readers. To learn more about intuitive eating, click HERE.

Ditch the Diets 21-day Challenge by Itz Linz – If you are curious about intuitive eating or just tired of trying every diet known to man, Danielle is offering a 21 day challenge starting January 1st. The price is $80 which is quite reasonable for a 3 week program.

The “I didn’t make it this year” blues by Emily – Even if you didn’t meet all yours goals, I am sure you still had great things happens during 2013. I love how Emily lists all of her wonderful accomplishments from 2013. Take a minute to sit down and write yours!

What you can, when you can (AKA WYCWYC) by Carla – Get rid of the perfectionist attitude. Don’t have time to do an hour workout but have time for a 10 minute walk – GREAT. Do what you can, when you can – consistently. Know that it is enough.

Workout Music Resources for Fitness Instructors by Julie – Julie offers great sites and apps for putting together music for fitness classes. These would probably work for running, walking on a treadmill, or any kind of cardio you are doing.

Five Motivational Tweets

I am finished with my Christmas shopping, but now I have to WRAP, my least favorite part. We are celebrating Christmas Saturday night, Sunday night, Tuesday night, and all day Wednesday. I hope to wrap everything tonight and tomorrow morning and then I will have that off my plate. Other plans for my long holiday include rearranging our entire master bedroom closet.

Are you done with Christmas shopping? Any big plans for the weekend? What kind of music do you listen to while you work out?

Have a healthy day!


2 Responses to “Friday's Fabulous Five”

  1. I also shared Kath’s post on rebel dieting.

    I’m done with Christmas shopping! Woohoo.

    I listen to reggae at work because my students like it. Haha.