Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

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TGIF! First Friday in December. Less than 3 weeks til Christmas. Yesterday after work I decided to run some errands that needed to be done, do some more Christmas shopping, and go to the grocery store. I felt a ton better afterwards. Plus I got to see a beautiful sunset while driving.

One of the challenges I am doing is #Elf4Health. On Wednesday the challenge was to go without makeup. While I normally don’t wear a ton of makeup, I usually wear some. But Wednesday I went without anything on my face and posted a picture to my social media accounts (scary!). I decided to do a little comparison the next day. The left hand side of this picture was taken on Wednesday – no makeup whatsoever. The right hand side was on Thursday with full makeup (no mascara though).

No Makeup

And check this out. You know my friend Crystal who founded TDF? She is on the cover of First for Women Magazine! She is in the green top and black skirt! So excited for her.

First Magazine

Let’s get started with Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

Five Must Read Blog Posts

20 Minute Energizing Detox Power Yoga by Tina – Need a quick workout to get you energized? Try Tina’s 20 minute yoga video.

9 tips for happy, healthy holidays by Mindy – This post may have been written last year, but it is new to me. I love all 9 of these tips. Perfect for the busy (and sometimes stressful) holiday season.

Hot Cocoa Chex Mix by Julie – Wanting to make some homemade items as gifts? This one looks easy and delicious.

The Best Thing I Did For My Skin Was Put Down The Acne Treatments by Victor – As you can see in my photos, I have one acne spot and that’s about it. It of course popped up just for no makeup day. I used to have terrible acne and I used so many products on my skin (day and night). My GP actually said to me – just stop. Stop doing all of that. So I did. I greatly reduced the amount of products I use on my skin and started using argan oil (which does seem ridiculous on oily skin). What a difference it has made.

Is Walking Healthier Than Running? By Holly – Love this article. So many people think walking isn’t “real” exercise. Both walking and running have fantastic health benefits. Pick one!

Five Motivational Tweets

Tonight we are celebrating two of my friend’s birthdays! Looking forward to seeing my peeps! Sunday afternoon is a 5K. The local track club puts it on and it is called the Leftover Run. It is strictly for fun – not timed, no food, etc. Cheap – $5. All money goes to charity. Why the leftover run? You get leftover shirts, trophies, bags, etc. from all the races during the year. Always a fun walk and for a great cause.

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Have a healthy day and a fabulous weekend!


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