Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

Weekend Getaway

Good morning and TGIF! As soon as I publish this post, I am packing for my girls weekend and heading out. WOOHOO!!! Could not be more excited. I won’t be blogging, but I will be sharing pictures on Instagram. You can follow me HERE.

Let’s get started with Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

Five Must Read Blog Posts

Back to Basics Arm Workout by Julie – You guys know I love a good arm workout and Julie shares one in her blog. The only thing you need is some dumbbells. Work your biceps, triceps, and shoulders with only 9 moves.

20 Kitchen Tips and Tricks by Lindsay – I am certainly out of my element in the kitchen. Lindsay shares some tips and tricks that everyone can use. Love her tip for measuring something sticky (would have never thought of that). Do you have any kitchen tips and tricks to share?

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Knees by Tamara – Did you know that knees dynamically support nearly 80% of our weight while standing? Depending on how much we weigh, that can put a lot of pressure on the knee joints. Tamara offers five tips for maintaining healthy knees. I am a HUGE supporter of having the right shoe AND WEARING THEM.

Enjoy a More Peaceful Pigeon Today by Tina – The pigeon pose in yoga is something I love but know I am never getting right. Tina offers a graphic with some alignment cues as well as a video that will walk you through pigeon step by step.

9 Reasons Hating Your Body Is Keeping You Stuck In It by Dawn – Love, love, love this article. Just a must read that I wanted to share.

Five Motivational Tweets

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Have a healthy day and a fabulous weekend!


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