Friday's Fabulous Five . . .

Good morning and TGIF! I know many parts of the US are having bad weather today – so stay safe. Here in Knoxville we are getting lots and lots of rain. I am very thankful that I work from home on Fridays. Also, I am still trying to kick this nasty cough.

Christmas Tree

Five Must Read Blog Posts

6 Reasons Why Paleo Works by Pam – I don’t eat Paelo now and I have never eaten truly Paleo, but I love reading about it and other types of eating lifestyles. Pam makes some great points about why Paleo works. While it while probably never work for everyone as our bodies are so different, it is certainly something to think about.

11 Tips To Stick With Your Workouts Through The Holidays by Tina – I will admit I am failing at workouts so far in December, however I haven’t been this sick in years. Once I get well I plan to immediately return to the gym. Tina offers 11 great tips for sticking with your workouts throughout the holiday season.

CrossFit Rebels WOD by Julie – I have never done CrossFit (on my bucket list though). This CrossFit Rebels WOD (workout of the day) looks really interesting and something I will try when I get back to my workouts. That’s 55 reps each of 8 exercises.

Strange But Good: Whiskey Bacon Brownies by Laura – Don’t these brownies sound interesting – whiskey and bacon. Hmmm. I know everyone is putting bacon in pretty much everything these days, but never thought about adding whiskey to brownies.

Working Out While You’re Sick – Is It a Good Idea? by Kalee – Since I am currently sick, I really loved that Kalee had done some research for her article. My intense coughing is considered below the neck and it is recommended you let the illness run its course before resuming exercise. That’s what I have been doing. I got in a pretty good workout but short workout on Monday and by the end I knew I needed to stop. Listen to your body!

Pink Christmas Wreath

Christmas Poinsettias

This weekend’s plans consists of the 31 Spring Product Premiere! Can’t wait to find out the new products and patterns in the Spring 2014 catalog. Also, I intend to walk a 5K on Sunday. In between, lots of chores, Christmas shopping, and errands to run. Plus – resting and trying to get better.

What’s on your weekend schedule? Have you finished Christmas shopping? Started?

Have a healthy day!


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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I’ll like to your blog on our FB site! Big fan of the combo of CrossFit (or some type of HIIT) and paleo.

    Great site and thanks for the visit!