Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

Good morning and TGIF! First off, let me wish one of my BFF’s A a very happy birthday!!! We will be celebrating this evening!

Next a few Instagram photos. First up is my new 31 Double Take Tote. This was the hostess exclusive for September. LOVE IT! Has tons of pockets including one for a laptop and one thermal lined.

31 Double Take Tote

Tried a Suja Essential drink for the first time. Only 5 ingredients, all organic, 12 ounces, 180 calories. And it tasted great!

Suja Essentials

My new blog/website has CoSchedule installed on it and they sent me this fabulous little notebook thanking me for using their paid option. They even included a hand written note. Excellent customer service and product!

CoSchedule Notebook

This was my view while reading yesterday when I got home. Such a beautiful day. We are expecting a day of rain here – but I cannot complain as we desperately need it. (Note: It is now raining here. YAY!)

Beautiful View

Let’s get started with Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

Five Must Read Blog Posts

10 Inspirational Quotes by Lindsay – We all need some inspiration from time to time and Lindsay shared 10 great quotes. I love “you don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward.” Which is your favorite inspirational quote?

Apple Pecan and Feta Salad with Honey Apple Vinaigrette by Kendra – Check out this beautiful and delicious sounding salad. And a homemade salad dressing with only 3 ingredients? Yes, please. This recipe has definitely been saved and will be appearing at my house sometime this Fall.

10 Times When It’s Okay to Be Lazy by Kayla – Sometimes we always seem to be on the go. Love these ideas about when it is OK to be “lazy.” Seriously, every one of them is spot on. We all need our downtime from time to time. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I like to not schedule something for every week night during a week. I need to be “lazy” sometimes!

10 Rules I Set For Myself Around Food by Tara – I am not a huge proponent for food rules, but I found myself liking these. #2 truly cracked me up. #9 is equally important. I cannot imagine celebrating a birthday without some kind of cake or dessert. Do you have any food rules that you follow?

10 Ways To Fit Fun Into A Busy Day by Rachel – Just like we all need to make time to be lazy, we all need to be able to fit fun into a busy day. Number 1 is certainly something I do every morning. I give myself plenty of time to get ready so I can watch TV, read blogs, blog, check social media, etc. How do you fit fun into a busy day?

Five Motivational Tweets

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