Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

TGIF! Happy Friday! Guess what? I have new hair!

New Hair

Wednesday I was sitting at work and realized I was not happy with my hair. I had been growing it out, but really didn’t want to fool with it in the mornings. By that afternoon I was ready to cut it all off. So I called my salon and magically my stylist had an appointment open at the exact time that worked for me. We came up with the new do above and I love it!

And guess what I got to play with yesterday at work?

Glenneth and Bunny

A bunny! My office mate brought his family’s bunny in for a visit and I got to hold her for a while! LOVE!

Time for Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

Five Must Read Blog Posts

BRAZEN Shoe Charms Are Here by Carla – You have to check out these BRAZEN shoe charms and wrist wraps that Carla designed and Designs That Move You is producing. They are fabulous! And even better is that the proceeds go to charity. Here is my new wrist wrap:

BRAZEN Wrist Wrap

Why You Should Throw Away Your Scale by Anne – Do you have a scale? Do you weigh? How often? I have been a daily weigher, a weekly weigher, and now I am only weighing once a month. The scale is only a number. Just a number. And a number that can fluctuate greatly depending on many factors. So many people (especially) women let the scale dictate how they feel (or eat) for the day. I haven’t thrown my scale away yet, but I don’t need to step on it quite as much as I used to.

Nutrition Tips to Embrace and Ignore by Kaila – I love Kaila’s take on nutrition tips that she embraces and ignores. There are so many food “rules” out there. What is best for YOU is to educate yourself, experiment, and find out what works best for YOUR body. If you are following someone else’s rules, ask yourself why.

Monthly Workout Playlist June 2014 by Pamela – Do you like country music? If so, Pamela has put together a fantastic 10 song playlist. At approximately 34 minutes, this is a great playlist for a 5K or a nice 30 minute walk. If you use Spotify, you can quickly find all the songs and put them into a playlist!

Summer in Florida, AKA Treadmill Time by Katy – Love this treadmill workout from Katy to simulate hills. Pick your own speed, then adjust the incline settings as indicated. You can also easily change the amount of time you spend at each interval. While I love walking outdoors, there are many days in the summer where indoors is just preferable.

Five Motivational Tweets

Don’t forget to head over to my Bondi Band giveaway. Still a few more days to enter.

My plans for the weekend include my friend A’s yard sale where I will be selling a ton of old 31 stuff. Sunday is wide open and will probably be a rest day!

What do you have planned for the weekend? Share something good with me!

Have a healthy day!


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