Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

Happy Friday and TGIF! I am off today!!! After I finish packing and get ready, I am heading to Pigeon Forge to meet up with the fabulous Train Dirty Fitness Bombshells. I am excited to meet all these amazing ladies I only know through Facebook and get certified to teach TDF bootcamp. I know I am overpacking yet at the same time forgetting some items.

Check it out! I have one full bloom on my peony now. Looks like most of them are going to bloom while I am gone.


Let’s get started!

Five Must Read Blog Posts

Sexy Summer Arms Workout by Courtney – You all know I love arm workouts and Courtney shares a great one. I think my favorite exercise of the group might just be “The Princess Wave.”

Get Ready for The Long Haul by Caitlin – Interesting to learn to not all people can create new habits in 21 days. It takes a lot longer for some. Caitlin offers a great plan for creating a new habit with the most important being tackle one goal at a time. So many people get overwhelmed when they try to start drinking water, stop eating sweets, start working out, get more sleep, etc. all at the same time. Pick which is the most important to you and work on that first.

Lazy Guy Dinners by Kath – I am not a “lazy guy” but I love this post by Kath. She lays out some simple, quick and healthy dinners and then gives options for spicing them up. They are all made with real food and easy to put together. I will definitely be trying some of these. A few look like they might work for bringing as lunch.

Why I Got Another Road ID by Beki – I am a HUGE supporter of Road ID. I bought a bracelet for myself and a dog tag chain for hubby. He wears his constantly. I, however, ONLY wear mine when I go walking outdoors and often only at races. Beki’s post made me think about what if something happened at the gym. While people “know” me, they still don’t know who to call immediately, my age, allergies, etc. I will be ordering a Shoe ID my for gym shoes in the near future. You can really never be too careful.

10 Minute Workouts You Can Do At Your Desk by Julie – Julie offers 3 different 10 minute workouts you can do at your desk. If you do all 3 during the day, you have gotten in a great 30 minute workout without leaving your office. Perfect for those busy days when you can’t get to the gym or the rainy ones when you don’t want to go outside.

Five Motivational Tweets

I must get ready for my big weekend!

Any big plans for the weekend? Share something good!

Have a healthy day!


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