Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

Happy Friday!!! So thankful that it finally stopped raining. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. After a very busy and productive day of work, I headed to do some shopping at Old Navy and Target. Then headed for a much-needed pedicure. Happy Feet!


Today will be a short day as I have an eye appointment this afternoon. Wish me luck!

Let’s get started with Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

Five Must Read Blog Posts

Favorite squat variations by Tamara – I LOVE squats! And many of them you can do pretty much anywhere with minimal equipment. Tamara shares some of her favorite squat variations from easiest to hardest. There are many squat challenges on Pinterest if you are so inclined. What’s your favorite squat variation? Mine is the plie squat.

STOP making excuses and START achieving your goals by Carla – I love Carla’s posts. I am not sure there is another blogger out there who is more open, honest, and blunt. Not achieving your goals? Carla offers four steps to stop making excuses and start achieving your goals. I love the last one – maybe it is time to shed or reevaluate your goal.

7 Reasons Your Clean Eating is Too Expensive by Amanda – I do think that eating clean or healthy can be expensive. Amanda shares 7 reasons you might be spending too much and what to do about it. For us, I know that I will pay for chopped up cantaloupe (as opposed to doing it myself), but all other fruit I buy whole. I love her tip number 7 – helping to prevent food waste. I definitely need to implement some of these.

Get Your Plank On! 17 Plank Workouts by FitFluential – Love planks? FitFluential is sharing 17 plank workouts from their Ambassadors for you. Do you have 3 minutes? Check out #7 – a 3 minute plank workout. Surely you can find 3 minutes in your day! Another plank idea? Plank today and see how long you can hold. Try to increase tomorrow. And, you can find plank challenges on Pinterest as well.

Treadmill HIIT Workout by Julie – I love this treadmill HIIT workout. While I can’t do the speeds that Julie listed, you can always adapt to your level. Maybe instead of increasing the speed, you increase the incline. HIIT workouts can also keep you from getting bored because you are constantly changing the machine and what you are doing.

Five Motivational Tweets

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2 Responses to “Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .”

  1. Thanks so much for the link love Glenneth! I hope you’re enjoying a rest day this weekend too!

  2. So much good stuff here! Starting with the wonderful reminder that I need a pedicure 🙂

    Thanks for always offering up some great finds for reading!