Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

Good morning and TGIF! Hope you have had a great week. Yesterday was a much-needed color and cut for me (as you will see in the Instagram photo). Very thankful that Fridays are work from home days at my office. We are expecting some SEVERE weather and I would much prefer to be at home. Praying the power stays on, but keeping all my gadgets charged just in case.

Let’s get started with Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

Five Instagram Photos You Might Have Missed

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Five Must Read Blog Posts

On Behalf of ‘Heavyset Mouth Breathers’ Everywhere by Michael – When I read my friend Michael’s blog post yesterday, I knew it was getting featured on my blog today. I actually know Michael in real life. We met either via a twitter event in Knoxville or through the running/walking community. I cannot remember which because the two are actually very intertwined. Anyways, read his article. Then, everyone please, be nice. Say nice things. Don’t say mean things. Respect each other. Always. Whether speaking out loud or typing. Just do it.

5 easy weeknight dinners by Danielle – Need some easy and healthy dinners for those weeknights when you are tired? Danielle offers 5 ideas. The first might be my favorite – breakfast for dinner. Too many times we get stuck thinking foods belong at certain times of the day. Just drop that notion. If you can get it at 7AM, no reason not to eat it at 7PM.

10 reasons women over 40 should lift weights by Tamara – Are you over 40? Are you lifting weights? Why not? Tamara offers 10 reasons that women over 40 should be lifting weights. I actually need to start lifting more and will make that my goal for April.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Balls {Vegan, Gluten Free} by Melanie – How easy and delicious do these look? I really think I need to break down and start trying to create some snack balls that I keep seeing. It will meaning dusting off and washing the food processor. They look super easy to do and don’t even require any baking.

Stylish Reebok Skyscape Shoes by Lindsay – I have seen quite a few bloggers talking about the new Skyscape shoes by Reebok. Lindsay probably shows them off best with her precious baby bump. I love the pink color and think they look like great “running around” shoes. Needless to say, there might be a pair due to arrive at my house later today.

Five Motivational Tweets




Big plans for today? Big plans for the weekend? What’s the weather like in your area today? Share something!

Have a healthy day!


5 Responses to “Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .”

  1. thanks for the link love!! you’ll love your skyscapes!! itz been thunderstorming and tornadoing the past couple days, so i’m hoping it’ll let up today! plus, itz my baby shower this weekend which i’m totally excited for!

  2. Thanks for sharing my post!
    And I’ve been pinning tons of recipes for energy balls too. I need to start making them now!
    Have a great weekend Glenneth

  3. Michael

    Thanks for including my post in your links, Glenneth! I appreciate it, and look forward to seeing you at another running/walking event again soon.

  4. Thank you for including my tweet!! Have a great weekend 🙂