Friday’s Fabulous Finds . . .

Good morning and TGIF! Some exciting news! Let’s Talk and Walk is becoming Your Path To Fit. I am rebranding my blog and my business. I started with my social media accounts this week and my new website is in the hands of my developer. I am super excited! If you ever try to change your social media accounts, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest were super easy. Facebook is in pain in the you know what. I am undergoing a 14 day waiting period.

Aren’t these pictures beautiful? More on next week!


Here are my fabulous finds this week . . .

Must Read Posts

I exercise intuitively. by Carla – Love this post from Carla. To me exercise intuitively really means listening to your body. Yesterday I took the day off except for a 20 minute walk. I did not do the ABC challenge either. While I would love to do all 31 days straight, it is just not happening for me. My legs were screaming and a day of rest is exactly what they needed. Today? Today I will see what my body feels like doing. Maybe weights, maybe walking, maybe nothing.

Cake for breakfast – A study that backfired by Amanda – Cake for breakfast always makes me think of the Bill Cosby skit (click link to view it if you haven’t ever heard it before) where he feeds the kids cake for breakfast. I do eat cake (or rather pie) for breakfast one day a year – the day after Thanksgiving when I eat my Mom’s sin pie. Otherwise, it doesn’t really sound good. I am a firm believer in a high protein breakfast though and Amanda shares some great ideas.

Why 40 is NOT the new 70* | fitness after 40 by Tamara – Being that I am over 40, I am always interested in Tamara’s posts. I have been doing strength training again (for about 5 weeks now) and I can feel a difference. I have lost 6.5″ and am using machines and weights in the gym I never had before. Just because you are over 40 does not mean your body can’t handle it. I think I sometimes need a longer recovery time or an extra rest day here and there, but I am not going to stop just because I am “middle-aged.”

Motivational Tweets

Plans for the weekend? I will be getting most of my chores/errands/etc. done on Saturday and Sunday I am driving to Elizabethton to get TDF HIIT certified.

Big plans for the weekend? Have you ever rebranded your blog or business? Tips?

Have a healthy day!


2 Responses to “Friday’s Fabulous Finds . . .”

  1. I love the new name!
    I’ve been tossing the idea of re-branding around in my head for about a year now. Time to actually do something about it!
    Thanks for including my post. I think we ‘middle age’ women need to stick together!