Flowers, Yoga & Hoops, and More . . .

Good morning and Happy Thursday! We are having a beautiful week here in Knoxville. The weekend is looking iffy, of course. I am trying to make sure I spend some time sitting outside and enjoying the weather each day – before it gets unbearably hot.

Check out my peony. It STILL hasn’t bloomed. And doesn’t look like it is planning to any time soon.


And now I have a mystery white flower in the backyard. Not sure what this is or where it came from, but it is pretty.

White Flower

I have walked twice now (a little over a mile each time) and plan to walk again tonight. I am doing a one mile fun walk on Sunday and want to make sure my leg can handle it. I am hoping for minimal hills. My leg is feeling okay, but I am still having those weird sensations in my foot. I have also upped the amount of Vitamin E I am using on my leg. It seemed dry and red and the pharmacist suggested using more than I was already using.

Check out the new fitness class I signed up for. Starts in June and runs for six weeks:

Yoga & Hoops

This class fuses the physical and mental benefits of yoga with the playfulness and self-expression of hoop dance. It is perfect for those new to hooping or anyone looking to spice up their yoga practice. Class begins with gentle stretches to warm the body and still the mind, then flows into a fun hooping skills series designed to foster creative expression and raise the heart rate. Next, you will be skillfully guided through a yoga-hoop fusion flow sequence, allowing you to explore your yoga practice from inside your hoop. Class will close with yoga stretches and a blissful savasana to promote relaxation and renewal. Practitioners of all backgrounds and skill-levels are welcome. Come give it a whirl!

Doesn’t that sound like fun? I really love trying new classes.

Speaking of fun, do you play the lottery? If there is Powerball in your state (or a state close by), the jacket is now at $475 million. Next drawing is Saturday.

Have you tried any new fitness classes? If you take fitness classes, what is your favorite?

Enjoy your day!


3 Responses to “Flowers, Yoga & Hoops, and More . . .”

  1. I can’t believe this, but I have never in my 31 years bought a lottery ticket! That seems strange to me.

    Hmm new classes, I guess I haven’t done any at the gym but at home I’m constantly trying all the new jazz you people keep posting ๐Ÿ™‚ It mixes things up, but I do miss the group atmosphere

  2. MHA (Missy)

    Hey there! Maybe if there was a picture of the mystery plant head-on, with some leaves, someone might be able to identify. From what I can see, it looks a little like an old fashioned rose, or some member of the rose family, but it’s hard to tell with a side-shot.

    The class sounds like great fun! Hope you have a great weekend!!