Five Tips for Your First Core Barre Class

Good morning and Happy Tuesday. It felt so good to be back at the gym yesterday. My original intent was time on the treadmill then Core Barre. Here is what happened.

I got on my favorite treadmill and had been walking for about 2.5 minutes. A lady gets on the machine next to me. She reeks of perfume. I mean REEKS. At first I thought it would be okay, because hey, at least it was good smelling perfume. However, I am quite sensitive to smell and by 8 minutes in my eyes were watering it was so bad. So at 10 minutes, I hopped off and headed to one of the ellipticals in the back. After another 10 minutes on the elliptical, I headed to get ready for Core Barre.

I love barre classes and thought I would share some tips with you.

Tips for Core Barre

Five Tips for Your First Core Barre Class

1. No shoes necessary. Core Barre is done barefoot (which I think is one of the reasons I like it). Currently it reminds me I need to get a pedicure. After my feet being trapped in work shoes all day, it is nice to set them free.

2. Full body workout. Many people think Core Barre is just the leg portion done at the bar, when in reality it is a full body workout. Our classes start with a warmup, then arms, then legs at the barre. Then we head to a mat to do arms, abs, more legs. We finish we lots of stretches.

3. One pound weights are acceptable. You will need a set of weighted balls or dumbbells (depending on what your facility uses). I HIGHLY recommend starting out with the one pound weights regardless of what weight you can actually lift. You will do a TON of repetitions with very little rest. You can always go heavier the next class if necessary. Some people even skip the weights all together and just use their arms.

4. Proper form trumps all. Legs shaking? Have trouble standing on your toes the whole take? Take the modifications or take a break when needed. Proper form for part of the workout is better than risking injury. Some instructors are great about reminding people to take breaks or use the modifications, others not so much. Listen to YOUR body.

5. Have fun. Core Barre can be a FUN, full body workout. Our classes play upbeat, up tempo music. The hour really does fly by with changing movements every few minutes.

Have you ever take a barre class? What did you think about it? What tips would you add?

Have a healthy day!


5 Responses to “Five Tips for Your First Core Barre Class”

  1. i’ve taken a barre class just twice and honestly haven’t loved it either time. itz not because it wasn’t hard (it was!!) i just still found it boring… i’m willing to give it another shot though! it took me awhile to love yoga!

  2. I take Barre3 classes multiple times a week and LOVE it! Great tips! My number one tip is to make sure your toenails don’t look jacked up because there is nothing more embarrassing than taking a class barefoot with 20 other girls and realizing you’re the only one who has scary chipped up toenails 🙂 And those tiny little 1 pound weights kill your arms!