Fitness Facts & Tips: Weight Loss Is Not the Most Important Goal

Today is the 10th and final post in my Fitness Facts and Tips series. You can see the whole series HERE.

2015 Resolutions

FACT: Weight Loss Is NOT the Most Important Goal

How many of us have had weight loss as a goal for 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years or even longer? Think about how much time, effort, and money you have spent toward that goal that quite probably has not been met. Or maybe the goal was met, but then the weight was regained.

When you realize that weight loss is not the most important goal of fitness and take back the power of the scale, I think you will find you are happier and healthier.

While weight loss is the reason most people start to exercise in the first place, it is not the only reason to exercise or continue exercising. Think about how good you feel when you exercise, think about how much more energy you have or how well your clothes fit. Think about how much you can leg press or how far you can run. None of these involve that stupid number on the scale.

Stop thinking weight loss and start thinking living. Think about how much easier your daily tasks are. Whether it is going up and down stairs, carrying in groceries, carrying your child, or what – these items get easier when you stick to a fitness routine. Let these be your motivating factors.

Some tips:

Personally, I think the three resolutions in the above graphic are a great way to start 2015.

Some other goals you might set – to bench press a certain amount, to leg press a specific amount, to run or walk a 5K (or longer), etc. If you regularly run/walk 5Ks, maybe you set a goal to do a certain number of them in 2015.

Make goals to feel better and have more energy.

Set a goal to get more sleep. 7-9 hours is key! Don’t skimp on your sleep.

Make lists of all your accomplishments. When you are having a rough day – look at these – remember how you felt when you accomplished this.

Have you thought about your 2015 goals/resolutions?

Have a healthy day!


2 Responses to “Fitness Facts & Tips: Weight Loss Is Not the Most Important Goal”

  1. Amen to that!! I barely get on a scale these days. I’m exercising daily and feel like I’m doing the best I can, why be concerned with some number on a scale? I judge by my clothes and how they fit usually.

  2. I agree with your 2015 new year resolution. I am looking forward for healthier lifestyle and of course be consistent with it. Thank for sharing this information.