Fitness Facts & Tips: Stress Management

This is the second in my Fitness Facts and Tips series. Be sure to check out the first: Boost Your Brainpower.

Help Stress Management

FACT: Exercise can help with stress management.

While just the thought of working out may stress you out, it actually has the opposite effect. Activity/movement/working out (whatever you want to call it) can reduce the amount of stress in all areas of your life. And when you are less stressed, it can have a positive impact on all the relationships you have (family, friends, coworkers, everyone). Working out has been shown to help elevate your mood (remember: endorphins make you happy) and keep depression at bay.

Many people are tempted to skip the gym during this busy holiday season, but this is the perfect time to go and help manage all the stress that comes with the holidays.

Some tips:

Find yourself feeling stressed at work? Try to take a 10 minute walking or stretch break. If you have your own office, shut the door, turn on some music, and DANCE!

Frustrated or angry? Try a kickboxing class or hit the bags at the gym. I bought boxing gloves (PINK of course) just for this reason.

Too much to do during the holiday season? Take time out for yourself and attend your favorite yoga class.

Stuck inside due to the weather? Turn on some music and DANCE! Get the whole family involved. Have everyone pick their favorite song.

Feeling like there is never enough time? Block out just ten minutes for a walk, a run, some dancing, or some weights. Don’t stress if you can’t find an hour for a group fitness class.

Share some of your tips for managing stress through exercise!

Have a healthy day!


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