Fitness Facts & Tips: Fitness Builds Relationships

Here is the 5th in my Fitness Facts & Tips series. You can see the whole series HERE.

Fitness Builds Relationships

FACT: Fitness Builds Relationships

Did you ever think that fitness can help build current relationships and create new friendships? Well it can!

My husband decided to become a runner and said – why don’t you walk while I run. We now do tons of 5Ks together (him running, me walking), but it is something we are doing together. I try to always go cheer for him at the races I am not participating in. We may not be doing the exact same thing, but races are something we can enjoy together.

Through TDF, I have made tons of new girlfriends. Sure I don’t see them as often as I like, but I know they are there for me if I need them. Our common thread is that we are all #goodenough regardless of weight, size, or fitness level. They make workouts seem more fun!

I will say that exercise is a LOT more fun when you are doing it with someone you like. I love walking with my hubby or our friends. I don’t mind HIIT workouts with the TDF girls. It is probably why I like group fitness classes so much.

Having an exercise partner can also keep you more accountable. I mean, you wouldn’t want to let them down would you? It is all about having social support – and that can be in real life or online. There are hundreds (probably thousands) of different types of fitness groups on Facebook you can join.

Some tips:

Ask your spouse, kid, or other family member to join you in an activity. Yes, they might say no, but you never know and they might say yes.

Try to find an activity your whole family can enjoy like walking, biking, hiking, soccer – could be anything.

See a neighbor walking your neighborhood by themselves? See if they wouldn’t mind some company. Or call a neighbor and see if they will walk with you.

Need to meet people? Try a group fitness class, CrossFit, or join a running club.

How do you use activity and exercise to build relationships? Where do you find new fitness minded friends?

Have a healthy day!


2 Responses to “Fitness Facts & Tips: Fitness Builds Relationships”

  1. As you know, the online fitness community has been fantastic for building new relationships for me. I’ve met so many wonderful women, several of whom have became dear friends in real life!

  2. Always a good thing when you spend time with your hubby.