Fitness Facts & Tips: Exercise Lets You Eat More

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Exercise Lets You Eat More

FACT: Exercise Lets You Eat More

First off, let me address muscle vs fat. Muscle does not weight more or less than fat. One pound of muscle = one pound of fat. However, muscle is more dense and takes up less space than fat. Okay, got that? Common misconception.

Advantage of muscle besides taking up less space? Muscle burns more calories than fat does. This means the more muscle you have – the higher your resting metabolic rate. This means muscle is burning calories even when at rest (and of course while you are working out).

If you are doing intense workouts with weight and have put on a lot of muscle, you probably need to eat more in general.

I am not going to use the word cheat or diet. But, exercise will let you be able to eat more without needing to loosen the belt. It’s no secret that runners after a long run (and they recover) will often eat quite a bit of food. Their bodies need it and can process it.

Some tips:

Know you have an evening event where you might be indulging? Try to fit a workout in that morning or afternoon.

Working out and then heading to an event? Eat after or make sure there will be food at the event – you will get hungry.

Eating more doesn’t necessarily mean eating an entire box of cookies. But, if you want a cookie, EAT A COOKIE!

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