Fitness Facts & Tips: Exercise Gives You Energy

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Exercise Gives You Energy

FACT: Exercise gives you energy!

Do you know why so many people like to start off their day with a workout? Because it gives them energy for the rest of their day. Endorphins (which make you happy) are released throughout your body.

Another way exercising can give you energy? Exercise improves your strength and stamina. While yes, this can help you run a 5K, 10K, etc. or leg press 400 pounds, it also helps you with daily things such as walking, climbing stairs, carrying groceries or kids, etc. Having these daily tasks feel easier, will help you feel more energetic.

New to exercise or a specific type of exercise (like say Zumba)? Well, you might be a little tired in the beginning. It won’t last long. Your body will start to adjust and then you will have more energy.

How do I know personally exercise gives you energy? I am an early to bed person (9-10PM). When I walk late night 5Ks, I am wired for an hour or two after. I may be exhausted when I start an 11PM 5K, but by the end I am raring to go.

Some tips:

Feeling that 2PM sluggish feeling at work? Get up and walk around your office, your office building, or do some jumping jacks.

Stressed out with all you have to do for the holidays? Take a group fitness class before some of your errands.

Know you are going to have a crazy busy day at work? Try to fit your workout in BEFORE work – even if it is just 10-30 minutes of dancing around your house.

Share some of your tips for using exercise to increase your energy!

Have a healthy day!


2 Responses to “Fitness Facts & Tips: Exercise Gives You Energy”

  1. I missed my morning workout today and I am feeling sluggish! Getting it done in the morning really is the best!