Fitness Facts & Tips: Boost Your Brainpower

Today starts the first post in my new series – Fitness Facts and Tips. I am going to provide you with some “fun” fitness facts and then some tips to go along with them.

Boost Your Brainpower

FACT: Exercise Boosts Brainpower

Did you know that exercise helps your body AND your brain? We all know that exercise increases your energy level. But did you know that exercise can boost your brainpower as well? Exercise increases the serotonin in your brain which leads to improved mental clarity. Fantastic right? Who doesn’t want their brain working better? Many researchers note that those who participate in physical activities are more productive at work.

Some business owners are starting to take note of this fact and hiring personal trainers or group fitness instructors to come to their business. Giving their employees time and a convenient place to work out is a win-win for both the business owner and the employee. For the employee it is cheaper (or FREE), no commute, and easy to fit into their schedule. And for business owners, this could mean less wasted/unproductive hours, less sick time, and lower health care costs.

Some tips:

Big presentation at work? Try scheduling your workout for that morning.

Writer’s block? Get out and take a walk or run.

Had a rough day at work? Consider taking a yoga or body flow class in the evening.

Dread Mondays? Schedule some fun outdoor activities (weather permitting on Sunday afternoon).

Feeling sluggish mid-day? Try some squats, jumping jacks, or pushups to get your blood flowing.

Other tips to boost your brainpower through exercise?

Have a healthy day!


7 Responses to “Fitness Facts & Tips: Boost Your Brainpower”

  1. Such great ideas! I’d also suggest that, for people worried about short-term memory loss, research has shown that a group step class may be just the ticket for bolstering and building new synapses in the brain. Something about having to perform complex movements to the beat of the music!

  2. These are great tips! I used to get up and walk around/do body weight squats, pushups and dips whenever I approached my brain fog (aka after I’d been sitting in the basement and studying for too long, haha).

    • we take walking breaks at our office and walk around the building. most often in the afternoon when that brain fog sets in.

  3. Hi Glenneth! Coming to you via the FFA group. I loved the title of this post and this is my first time here on your blog. I would agree that I feel more energized and focused after a workout. These days my workouts are usually in the afternoon, but I used to work out before work when I had a desk-job, and I was always revving for the day to start after a good sweat. Have a lovely Tuesday! 🙂