Finding Your Fitness & Other Thoughts

Good morning and Happy Thursday! My workouts are still on track and definitely more than last week. Today’s plan is not to workout, but to run errands after work and then do something I really don’t like doing – mowing the yard. I guess it’s that time of year again. Definitely not an activity that I consider FUN.

Today I thought I would share some of the graphics I have found on Facebook over the past few weeks.

First up – non-scale victories. Don’t let the scale dictate how you feel or how you feel about yourself. It is just a number. A number that can fluctuate depending on any number of variables. Instead, think about how your clothes fit, maybe your rings are loose, maybe you can lift twice as much as you used to, etc. These are non-scale victories. NSVs. Start you a list. Refer to it often. Seriously. Grab a sheet of paper, or make a note in your phone or on your computer. Start a list and title it NSV. Every time you think of a victory, no matter how small, write it down.

Non Scale Victory

Truth. Be proud of yourself for all the small steps you are making towards you goal. Maybe even set mini-rewards. And not necessarily based on your weight. Maybe a certain number of workouts per week or when you are able to lift a certain amount. Just be proud of YOU! You are the one making this journey and you are the only one who can change your life and your health.

Be Proud

Every day you get a new chance. And that chance could change your life. Maybe you stop drinking sodas. Or maybe you add an extra veggie serving each day. Small changes led to big results.

New Day

Finally, I loved this one. Three ways to get started with fitness. Make sure you are eating right (your body needs fuel), drink tons of water (all day long), and find something FUN that you enjoy. I follow a ton of running bloggers. I enjoy reading their blogs and race recaps, but I know that running is not and would not be fun for me. The more you enjoy an activity, the more likely you are to stick to it. Maybe you join a gym and try all the group fitness classes and find the 2-3 that you really enjoy. Bingo! There’s your activity. Maybe you try walking or running and figure out which one you love. Maybe it is Zumba or Yoga or tennis. Just MOVE!


If you could only do ONE type of exercise for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Have a healthy day!


3 Responses to “Finding Your Fitness & Other Thoughts”

  1. Personally, I think I’d pick running. But then I’d say cycling so I could do that with my husband. Or walking because I can do that with more friends. Glad I don’t really have to pick!

  2. MHA (Missy)

    I’d pick running, because I have a problem with planning ahead, and gathering gear. I can tie my shoes & head out the door to run. And running over walking because I feel much clearer (mentally and in the lungs) after a good sweat! I find that running gets my heart rate up quickly and keeps it up, better than cycling.