Final Thoughts on Carb Cycling & IF

My 6 week Carb Cycling and Intermittent Fasting program with Amanda is officially over. While I haven’t decided if I am repeating her official Level 1 program or moving on to Level 2, I am planning to continue carb cycling and intermittent fasting on my own for the time being.

Final Thoughts on Carb Cycling & Intermittent Fasting

Let’s discuss each of the specific days and workouts. Don’t forget that this came from the All Day Fat Burning Diet book.

Regular Calorie

Probably the easiest day. Eat the regular amount of calories with a macro breakdown of 50% carbs, 30% fats, and 20% proteins. This is still a lot of food when you are trying to eat whole foods and lean meats.

Low Carb

A day that definitely required planning and thinking. Eating less than 50 grams of net carbs (carbs – fiber) is not that hard – IF you are paying attention. I ate a LOT of chicken on these days. Hubby says it looks like I murdered the rotisserie chicken. And one night I practically ate a whole one by myself. I also ate a lot of nuts and peanut butter on these days.

Feast Day

Feast days felt like my full-time job was eating. Take regular calorie day and multiple it by 50%. That means I eat over 400 grams of carbs on Feast Days. Typically I eat a lot of potatoes and fruit those days. I typically tried to eat the most of my calories after my workout and for dinner. I would have strawberries in my smoothies, a banana for a snack, an apple with some peanut butter, and some grapes as dessert – all in the same day.

Fast Day

Not near as bad as you think. I will be doing a post this Friday on tips for dealing with Fast days. I did go a full 24 hours a couple of days. The first few Fast days were rough. It truly is mostly a mental game.

Low Calorie Day

Not near as bad as it sounds. This is a regular calorie day minus 25%. A little planning and all is good. This is also usually a true rest day – no workout at all. I actually like doing these on the weekends when I typically don’t eat as much as during the week.

Sprint Training / Cardio

This was always for Low Carb day, but some other days I did it just because I enjoyed it so much. I have switched from the treadmill or bike to the elliptical and feel I am getting in a better workout. I have also enjoyed using the heart rate monitor that my hubby got me for my birthday.

Total Body Workout

Sometimes I followed the plan and other times I did my own. I always limited all my workouts to an hour regardless of what we were doing. I typically burned around 700 calories during my workouts.

General notes/observations:

  • I didn’t stick to the plan 100% – especially the gluten free and dairy free part. I don’t have any dietary sensitivities and this is just something I am not as concerned with. I will say I had the least amount of dairy and gluten ever in my life. I have switched to almond milk instead of chocolate milk or soy milk.
  • I didn’t do the exact prescribed workouts. While Amanda sends us one of her DVDs to do, I prefer working out at my gym.
  • Six weeks is probably a little too long for me to go without “sweets” and “cheats.” I might do 4-week plans in the future.
  • I did eat out – a LOT. It is just my lifestyle. However, hubby and I also did some meal planning which helped tremendously and saved money at the grocery store.
  • My Fitness Pal was key in planning and tracking the macros.
  • The program was a lot of fun. I loved switching things up on a weekly and daily basis. That is part of what the program aims to do – keep your body guessing and keeping your metabolism going.

I did not weight before and after this program. I did take measurements and I lost 10.75″. I thought you might want to see a before and after. The before was taken the day before we started the program. The after was taken the last Friday of the program.

carb cycling before and after

This was by far my favorite diet/exercise program of all time. I can definitely see it being a lifestyle. I had much better workouts because I was fueling myself properly to get them done.

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Considering trying a program like this? What questions do you have?



12 Responses to “Final Thoughts on Carb Cycling & IF”

  1. This was really really interesting.
    I kind of did this approach instinctively when I competed and until the past few years hadn’t thought about doing it again since I intuitively no longer eat that way since I dont train as heavily (wow that’s a convoluted sentence :)). BUT Ive loved watching all Amanda is teaching everyone but I may give it a try some day again.

  2. I love your honesty on what is reality for you but how you still fit it into your life. I’m the same way. Prefer the gym and to run but I definitely think it can be done and to see a benefit! You look phenomenal! Almost 11 inches is amazing!! Keep it up!

  3. You lost 10″?!?! Way to go! I’m going to send this to my mother. I think k she could benefit from this type of diet. Thanks for sharing get your experience!

  4. I’m curious about the science behind this type of diet. Not doubting it. Just want to know how the cycling works with the body.

  5. I keep reading about carb cycling and intermittent fasting. I think I need to learn more as I don’t fully understand the principles behind it. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  6. I’ve dabbled with carb cycling and intermittent fasting but never followed a regimen or program. How do you feel physically after completion?

  7. You look fab! I am very interested in carb cycling and I’ve seen some great results. I need to plan this out and fit it into my lifestyle.

  8. This sounds very interesting! I’ve never tried anything like it, but I’m happy to hear you’ve had good results with it! ๐Ÿ™‚