Fabulous Friday Five Features . . .

TGIF! This Friday is kind of a “first” for me. My first official work from home day. We are all working from home one day a week now and I will be here every Friday. So, to start Fabulous Friday Five, I thought I would share 5 pros and 5 cons of working from home (as I see it now before I start).

Fabulous Friday Five

Five Pros for Working From Home

  • I can work in my pajamas or workout clothes. I will probably wind up in my workout clothes.
  • No need to fuss with hair and makeup before leaving the house.
  • No driving.
  • No need to pack drinks and snacks – the kitchen is downstairs.
  • I am going to workout before work and shower during lunch.

Five Cons for Working From Home

  • When I take my “step” breaks, there is no one to talk to.
  • The kitchen is just right downstairs.
  • My balance ball chair is at work.
  • Little face to face human interaction until the evening when we go out.
  • If I LOVE working from home, I have to realize I only get to do it one day a week.

Five Fabulous Blog Posts

Baked Maple Salmon by Kath – I am not a huge fish person (I love shellfish), but this recipe for salmon sounds amazing and easy to do. Would be great for wintertime when it is too chilly to grill the salmon.

Kids & Veggies: Non-Dairy Ranch with Home Made Mayo by Pam – Love ranch dressing but not all the fat/weird ingredients that usually comes with it? Check out this amazing sounding homemade version.

Glenneth’s Creative Ways to Add Health to Summer by ME – I don’t normally put my own posts in this list, but since this post wasn’t on my blog, I wanted to make sure you saw it. Creative ways to add health to your summer – both with food and exercise.

Refreshing, Sugar-Free Summer Drinks by Alison – Looking for some fabulous sugar-free drinks for the summer? Check out these three recipes by Alison.

How to make a DIY fruit bouquet by Angela – Doesn’t this fruit bouquet look fabulous? And fairly easy to make. I love fruit bouquets.

Five Motivational Tweets

Well, I am off to get a few things done before I start work. One thing I will be doing on Friday mornings – working out. My plan to start (since I typically get ill if I workout in the mornings) is walking through the neighborhood. Won’t be too hot and I just have to walk out the front door.

Do you work in an office or from home? Tips for working from home? Big plans for the weekend? Creative ways you are being healthy this summer?

Enjoy your day!


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