Fabulous Friday Five . . .


Good morning and TGIF! Check out the sky from last night’s walk. I love looking at clouds and took quite a few pictures before we started walking and a few after. It was such a beautiful evening to be out walking.

Tomorrow is my FIRST 5K since my SECOND surgery. It is called Hotter n Hell and is always one of my favorite 5Ks. The weather forecast puts it at 69 degrees with 87% humidity. Shouldn’t be too terribly bad. My goal is to NOT start off too fast and try to keep a consistent pace. I am not going for any personal records, I just want to complete the distance and feel good doing it.

Following the race I am heading to a 31 meeting. I know I just got back from conference but our C&C (Celebrate and Connect) is this Saturday. I am sure we will discuss conference and all the new fabulous products coming this Fall. And, because 31 is so fabulous, we will also walk away with an amenity.

Then the rest of the weekend I plan to CATCH UP. I was gone for 4 days and feel 2 weeks behind. I hope to get completely back on track by Monday. My todo list keeps growing and growing.

Fabulous Friday Five

Five Fabulous Blog Posts

How To Eat Healthy & On Budget At A Conference by Courtney – Heading to a conference anytime soon? Courtney shares some great tips on how to be healthy. Having just come back from a conference I will tell you that we took food and had breakfast in the food before we left. My breakfast was some Naked Juice Orange Mango and Peanut Butter on a thin bagel. This saved me from making not so healthy choices somewhere else, saved me money, and saved me time. Some ladies stood in lines over an hour for a Starbucks.

How to Supplement Your Income by Selling Your Stuff by Danielle – I loved this article by Danielle because I have quite a few gadgets I need to sell. I especially love the Amazon trade in program.

Four Steps to Intuitive Living by Carla – I love this post. Not many of us live intuitively. How often do you listen to your body about what to eat, when to eat, when to exercise, etc?

Food Is Not Just Fuel. My Argument FOR Emotional Eating. by Anna – I completely agree with Anna. While yes, food is fuel for the body, it is NOT just fuel. There are many activities in our culture that revolve around food. The key is learning to partake in moderation.

Jennifer’s Get Fit Tips for Healthy Living by Jennifer – Living healthy really is fairly easy. It is just a matter of choice and putting everything into action.

BONUS: Introducing a 10-week Online Group Fitness Program for 40+ Females by Tamara – Tamara is offering a 10 week online fitness program for $70 geared toward women over 40. The group starts September 8th and ends mid-November. Think about it – get yourself on the road to fitness and health before the holidays come around.

Five Motivational Tweets

Do you have big plans for the weekend? Share something with me. How do you catch up on life when you feel behind?



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  1. Ooh, boy, good luck with that 5K! I guess you’re not allowed to complain about the weather — you’ve been warned!

  2. Thanks for sharing my post! I enjoyed reading your roundup 🙂 You’ll do great in your 5K!