Fabulous Friday Five . . .

Flowers on My Walk

It’s Friday AND the last day of May! TGIF!!! I know it has been a short work week, but WOW am I ready for the weekend. How about you?

Last night I walked just over a mile. My whole body is still slightly sore from the fall and when I can “feel” everything at my incision spots, I take it easy. It felt great to be outside – even if it did seem to be 100 degrees. I have a feeling we are in for a HOT, HOT summer. Immediately after walking I headed to Target for some power shopping.

Plans for this weekend include lots of house cleaning (didn’t clean over Memorial Day weekend), grocery shopping, finishing my health coach module, watching hubby do an 8 mile trail race (I hope to walk 1-2 miles while he is running), laundry, and more.

Five Fabulous Blog Posts

Bouncing Back After Taking Time Off From Exercise by Tina – This post by Tina came at a great time since I am ready to start exercising again. I know I have to take it slow and steady, but I am ready to do SOMETHING. I love her last point of setting new goals. That’s exactly what I will be doing later today – setting goals and plans for June 1-16. I will work on June 17-30 once we get our bootcamp instructions.

FitnessGlo Online Fitness Program/Classes by Angie – One of the things I have been looking at is FitnessGlo. Angie does a great job of explaining what it is – sadly I did not win the giveaway.

Summer Diet Traps: How to Steer Clear by Lisa – Lisa talks about different scenarios we all encounter during the summer and how to handle them to keep your waistline happy and yourself healthy.

June Photo A Day Challenge by Tiany – I seem to always start photo challenges and never finish them. Having my new Droid DNA and testing the Blackberry Z10 makes me want to complete one in June. Which one would you pick?

WORDLE by Abby – Looking for something fun to try on the Web? Check out Wordle. You do probably need to use IE or Firefox. I tried both Chrome and Safari with no success, but was able to access it using Firefox. I was able to create different “wordles” but couldn’t figure out how to EASILY save them to put on my blog. Here is one I saved in a very roundabout way.


Five Motivation Tweets

Five Fabulous Mantras

I was able to participate in the Under Armour/FitFluential Twitter chat last night. One of the questions was about what mantra kept you going. Here were five of my favorites:

What are your weekend plans? Have you tried Wordle? FitnessGlo? Do you have a health and fitness mantra? Share something good with me!

Enjoy your day!


5 Responses to “Fabulous Friday Five . . .”

  1. MHA (Missy)

    I love those mantras!

    Weekend plans include trying out DHs & DDs new kayaks, and a trail run. I also want to see Sherlock Holmes on pay-per-view (yes, I am waay behind seeing movies.) There is always shopping to do at the season’s change, too.

    Today I need to get to the gym and do a little laundry. I also need to eat an apple & drink some water! 🙂 Have a great Friday and terrific weekend!!

  2. I was able to get Wordle to work with Safari, but I had to go to preferences and allow Java to do something or other. I played with it for a while, but i could never get one that I thought was pretty! Maybe I was using too many words…

  3. Love love love the motivational tweets & mantras! Thank you for sharing!