Fabulous Friday Five . . .

TGIF! The three-day weekend is fast approaching!!! A few hours (or more) at work, meeting with a health coach client, then dinner with hubby and friends. Sound like a fabulous way to kick off the Memorial Day weekend.

Want to know what else is fabulous? My Under Armour goodies for the What’s Beautiful Campaign. Loving them! The colors are amazing!

UA Goodies

Want to know what else is fabulous? My peonies have started to bloom. Again, the color is amazing!

Peony Blooming

And one more fabulous thing that is happening today:


You may be wondering what’s fabulous about the phone? Well, it is arriving today – I WON IT! As part of my Ambassadorship with Verizon we have the opportunity to win prizes for different things and I won a new PHONE. I can’t wait to get it! I have been thinking about switching from the iPhone to a Droid for a while and now I have the perfect opportunity. I hope to activate it this evening and have all weekend to play with it.

Five Fabulous Blog Posts

Summer BBB Registration Now Open & Sample Workouts by Tina – As I mentioned in my post on Monday, Tina is offering a new bootcamp starting June 17th and registration is now open. Tina’s post details everything that you get with bootcamp and offers up some sample workouts. Have you signed up yet? Don’t forget that she is offering a beginner’s option this time.

How to get arms like Michelle Obama without resorting to plastic surgery by Tamara – I will be the first to admit that our First Lady has some beautiful arms. But having surgery to achieve them? No thanks. Tamara provides a great arm workout that will help you get those toned arms. What are your favorite arm exercises?

Oldies But Goodies Workout Playlist by Julie – I was definitely born in the wrong decade because I am a 50s and 60s kind of girl. Love this playlist that Julie put together and I will be recreating it on my iPhone or I guess I should say figuring out how to recreate it with my Droid.

Red, White, and Blue Cheesecake Layer Cake by Kendra – As I mentioned in last week’s Fabulous Friday Five I have known Kendra for a while but just got acquainted with her blog. Check out her post from last May for a Red, White, and Blue cake – just in time for Memorial Day!

Girl on Fire 10K Training Mix: FREE! – by Katy – Have you heard of Rock My Run? Rock My Run offers DJ mixed music of hot songs made specifically for running (or walking). Their mixes are more energetic & more motivating than playlists. Katy had the chance to create a mix a while back and it is FABULOUS! Now she has created a new one and you can get it for FREE. Check out her post for more information.

Five Fabulous Tweets

Do you have any big plans for the three-day weekend? Share! Found a great blog post? Share!

Happy Friday!


4 Responses to “Fabulous Friday Five . . .”

  1. I’ve got some fun plans this weekend….which include family, friends, working out and resting 🙂

    Our three day weekend was last week!

  2. Thanks for the shout out Glenneth!
    I’m heading offline for a weekend of Cub scout camping on Mount Baker. Hoping for some sunshine!
    Enjoy your long weekend!

  3. I love Kodjo’s tweets and FB posts 🙂 They’re always the first thing I see every morning when I check out Twitter & FB on my phone!