Fabulous Friday Five . . .

HAPPY FRIDAY! Another week coming to a close. And now less than two weeks til my beach vacation! This weekend will be all about cleaning and organizing the house. Much to do. Next weekend will be about fun and relaxing (since it is a three-day weekend) and probably packing for the beach. The following weekend I will be at the beach! WOOHOO!!!

Five Instagram Photos From The Week

I gave blood on Tuesday. They were super in need of my blood type, so I made a point of donating this week.


Check out the size of this moth that was outside our building yesterday. That was my coworker holding up his portfolio to give you an idea of the size. YIKES!


We had a company lunch at a restaurant that served Bento boxes yesterday. Sadly, at least 2 of the 3 of us got super sick after eating lunch (myself included). We might not be trying that again for a while.


Nine days left til football time in Tennessee! GO BIG ORANGE!


And finally, Halloween candy is already in the stores! Two months away, yet already out to be purchased. Must stay away.


Five Must Read Blog Posts

How to Get 10,000 Steps a Day by Angie – If you are trying to lose weight or keep weight off, getting 10,000 steps per day seems to be the magic number. Angie tells the benefits of walking 10,000 steps per day then offers suggestions to help you get there. For some, getting 10,000 steps per day is fairly easy, for others (especially those with desk jobs), it is much harder and you really have to make an effort to add extra steps here and there throughout your day.

Fitness Isn’t About Building a Better Body – It’s About Building a Better Life by Julie – I love Jillian Michaels (from the Biggest Loser) and Julie had the opportunity to hear her speak at IDEA World Fitness BlogFest. Julie shares the key takeaways she got from her time listening to Jillian.

15 Ways To Use Mason Jars In The Kitchen by Lindsay – Mason jars are not just for canning anymore. Lindsay shows 15 cute and useful ways to use mason jars. A couple of my favorites are to serve drinks in them or use them as a vase. How do you use mason jars?

5 Simple Ways to Brighten Your Mood by Teri – WOW! 5 simple things, but reading them you can see where they could really brighten your mood. I would add light candles and take a bubble bath while reading a good book!

Waking Up Is Hard to Do by Kevin – Six suggestions to help you become a morning person. This is a funny article, but oh so true. My suggestion to becoming a morning person – DO NOT HIT SNOOZE. Set you alarm and get up when it goes off. It may sound odd or untrue, but I NEVER hit the snooze button. When the alarm goes off, I am out of bed within a minute.

Five Motivational Tweets

Any big plans for the weekend? Are you a morning person? Share something in the comments!

Have a healthy day!


4 Responses to “Fabulous Friday Five . . .”

  1. Happy Friday! Thanks for sharing my post. I am going to work hard at getting 10,000 steps a day upon returning from vacation.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. After a few weekends in a row away from home, I’m actually happy not to have any plans. It’s funny. Even though I was at Jillian’s talk I’m still loving reading everybody’s recaps. It’s like reliving the experience 🙂