Fabulous Friday Five . . .

TGIF! Friday again! And today is the LAST day of February. Two months of 2014 are already gone. Wow. Just wow.

Anyone watch Survivor? It is one of my favorite shows and we caught up on the premiere last night. They have split the contestants into teams called brains, brawn, and beauty. So far the brains team isn’t living up to their name. Glad to see a season with all new contestants finally. I do wish they would return to Australia or Africa.

Missing this view at Folly Beach! Missing their warm weather as well.

Folly Beach

Let’s get started!

Five Must Read Blog Posts

Primal Pan-Fried Tenderloin with Sweet Potato Fries by Pam – This recipe looks amazing and flavorful. And best yet – if it is cold in your area, no need for the grill. I might need to try this soon.

50 Shades of Fit by Kaila – Fit means something different to everyone. Your fit and my fit are probably difference. I know my fit and my hubby’s fit are very different. And there is a place for everyone! What’s your fit?

How to Meal Prep by Danielle – Curious about meal prep? Danielle lays our her process step by step. I especially love the crock pot chicken and cook ahead sweet potatoes.

Why We Need to Calm the F$&k Down When it Comes to Nutrition by The Nutrition Guru – I love this. We do all need to calm down about nutrition. First and foremost, NEVER judge what someone else is eating. Saying, “I can’t believe you are eating that” or “I thought you were dieting”, is not helpful and frankly none of your business (unless the other person asks). Try to make the healthiest decision you can in each and every moment.

6 Reasons Why Rest Days are Important by Dean Karnazes – Never take a rest day? Think again. Dean lays out 6 reasons why you need to take rest days every now and then.

Five Motivational Tweets

Big plans for the weekend? Anyone racing? Share something good with me! Do you watch Survivor? Share your thoughts on the premiere with me!

Have a healthy day!


6 Responses to “Fabulous Friday Five . . .”

  1. I thought Garret did not show his brains playing the game and that’s what got him sent home. That entire team is not playing smart at all.

  2. Thanks for sharing my recipe! It’s so easy and yummy! Totally going to read the nutrition one now ๐Ÿ™‚