Fabulous Friday Five . . .

Good morning and TGIF!!! Another Friday has arrived. Hoping to have a very productive day then a fabulous and relaxing weekend. I have shopping on my schedule for the weekend, so hopefully I will have goodies to share with you! Until then, let’s get started on our Fabulous Friday Five . . .

Five Must Read Blog Posts

Healthy Habits – Why Eating More Can Actually Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals by Rachel – I completely LOVE and AGREE with Rachel’s view on food and eating. What she is talking about is ADDING in the good, healthy foods because as we do we get rid of the not so healthy foods. Check out her list of simple ways to add in healthy foods. Which ones can you do?

Move for 5 by Lindsay – If you are like me and sit behind a computer almost all day, you need to MOVE. Lindsay shares 5 workouts that take 5 minutes and can be done pretty much anywhere. Grab a few of your co-workers and getting moving during the day!

10 Must-Have Fitness Gear Essentials for 2014 by Sarah – I love all of Sarah’s must haves. Even love she gives bonus points for Sharpies (I keep them everywhere). On my must buy soon list? A foam roller!

6 tips for getting through the January gym rush by Tamara – Every January gyms sees an increase in memberships and current members returning to workout. Sometimes this can be frustrating. Tamara offers 6 tips for getting through January’s rush. I think the most important is create a flexible workout plan. Maybe even have a couple different ideas going in.

The Intersection Of Nutrition And Mental Health by Kath – Food can influence our mood and our mood can influence our food. Love the chart about physical hunger (this is when you SHOULD eat) vs emotional hunger (this is when you are really looking for something else, not food). Tips for dealing with emotional hunger are given.

Five Six Motivational Tweets

Five Things I Love About My New Gym

  • Six minutes from my office
  • All new and super clean
  • Employees and members very friendly
  • TONS of different workout equipment
  • Eight+ classes offered daily

Share something good with me – a tweet, a post, a tip, anything. Also, if you belong to a gym, what do you love most about it?

Have a healthy day!


5 Responses to “Fabulous Friday Five . . .”

  1. What do I love most about my gym? The community! So many wonderful people to motivate, inspire and lift me up daily!

    Thanks for the shout out; being flexible at the gym sure can prevent frustration!