Fabulous Friday Five . . .

Hello and TGIF! With the holidays coming in the middle of the week, it certainly doesn’t feel like Friday. Although, believe me, I am thankful we have a weekend ahead of us. Let’s dive right into five must read blog posts and five motivational tweets!

Five Must Read Blog Posts

Cardio Buffet Workout by Courtney – I love Courtney’s cardio buffet and have often done similar workouts at the gym. If you find cardio machines boring, don’t just stay on the same one. Mix it up, do intervals, switch often.

Ease Your Way into Paleo Plan for New Year’s! by Pam – If you have ever thought about trying the Paleo lifestyle, but thought going cold turkey wasn’t for you, Pam offers a 15 week (almost 4 month) plan for tackling Paleo eating.

The Most Important Thing to Look at on a Food Label by Ashley – I love this breakdown of the nutrition label on processed foods. Ashley takes it a step further and says there is only ONE area on the label you should be reading. Check it out.

Holiday Party Apps: Herb Roasted Nut Mix by Dani – Still have Christmas parties to attend? Thinking ahead to New Year’s Eve? the Super Bowl? Check out Dani’s recipe for a healthy and delicious nut mix.

Holidays Deserve Treats by Abby – I love this post. Abby says everything I think and feel about the holidays and food. Let me share some of the fabulous foods I enjoyed over the holidays:

Our Christmas Eve dinner was appetizers consisting of chilled shrimp with cocktail sauce, meatballs, cheese ball and crackers, veggies with dip, and fruit.

Christmas Eve Dinner

Dessert on Christmas Eve was this fabulous red velvet cake.

Red Velvet Cake

We did breakfast on Christmas morning at my mom’s. My responsibility was the bacon. Sadly, I burnt some of it, but most managed to survive.

Smoked Bacon

This is my mom’s hashbrown casserole. Next to sin pie, my favorite dish ever. I think I could eat the whole thing (but I didn’t).

Mom's Hashbrown Casserole

Christmas night we went to Ruth’s Chris. I had their amazing filet with blue cheese crust. My favorite entrée of all time.

Ruth's Chris Filet with Blue Cheese Crust

For dessert, hubby and I shared the chocolate explosion.

Ruth's Chris Chocolate Explosion

While I was careful about overeating, I did indulge in some of my favorite foods and enjoyed every bite. I also steered clear of most cocktails (I don’t drink a lot anyways).

Five Motivational Tweets

Any more Christmas parties? Ready for the weekend? New Year’s plans?

Have a healthy day!


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