Fabulous Friday Five . . .

TGIF! Wild to think that one week from today Thanksgiving will be over and we will be in the chaos known as Black Friday. Do you go Black Friday shopping? I missed last year due to my leg surgery so my Mom and I will probably go out once we make our lists and check the ads.

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Let’s dive into Fabulous Friday Five . . .

Five Must Read Blog Posts

Biceps + Triceps Workout by Julie – You know I love working out my arms. I love Julie’s biceps & triceps workout. Complete each circle three times and your arms will be feeling it later. I have a feeling this might be my workout this morning.

Holiday Survival Tips by Tanee – The holidays are rapidly approaching and Tanee offers some fabulous tips. She has lost 200 pounds and knows what she is talking about. The last could be the most important – don’t do anything drastic. If you overeat on Thanksgiving day, that doesn’t mean to not eat on Friday. Go back to healthy eating and don’t forget to drink lots of water.

5 top tips for taming sugar cravings by Angela – If you crave sweets constantly, Angela offers some great tips for scaling that back. I really love her first one – don’t try to eliminate all sugar all at once. That is probably a great rule this time of year.

10 Tips To Balance Life, Fitness & Nutrition During The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year by Taylorr – Yes, another article with tips for the holidays. With the average American gaining between 2 and 8 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years, we probably could all use some tips and advice. I love the first one – live by a list. I constantly keep a todo list via Remember the Milk. It helps keep me sane year round. I also use Evernote for longer notes, lists, etc.

5 Reasons to Lift Heavy Things and Build Muscle by Erika – I am really enjoying being back at weight lifting and Erika offers five reasons why you should lift weights. I love the last one – the confidence boost. Having a bad day? Go lift something heavy! I am having a great morning and I think lifting will keep my mood upbeat!

Five Motivational Tweets

Any big plans for the weekend? Share something good!

Have a healthy day!


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3 Responses to “Fabulous Friday Five . . .”

  1. SLEEP?
    ok maybe a little sleep and a lotttta kid time frolicking outdoors 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out Glenneth! This weekend I’ve got a (hopefully) fabulous workout planned for tomorrow morning, some recipe creation for the blog, and some more writing of a new resource I’m launching on my blog at the end of December. It’ll be a busy one, but I also plan to get plenty of sleep to recharge my batteries too! Have a great one! 🙂

  3. I signed up for Elf4Health too and I cannot wait for it to start 🙂
    This weekend we are going to a bonfire and my plan is: MARSHMALLOWS lots of marshmallows!