Fabulous Friday Five . . .

Good morning and TGIF! I am thankful the weekend is almost here. A couple of days to finish catching up from being gone and I will be good. It looks like we will have amazing weather as well. WOOHOO!!!

I mentioned in my post yesterday that Mom and I ran an errand during our trip. Our errand was actually a professional beach photo shoot. Last year we tried to get pictures together by asking strangers and/or the hotel staff to take them and they never turned out well. This time we decided to hire a professional for an hour. We have over 100 to go through, but we both decided the one below might be our favorite, so I wanted to share it with you.

Mom and Myself Folly Beach 2013

I will share more about our experience and more photos in a later post. For now, let’s return to our regularly scheduled Fabulous Friday Five.

Five Fabulous Blog Posts

This is your body on sugar | the science behind food cravings by Tamara – Tamara does a great job os explaining the science behind food cravings – especially sugar. As I have mentioned before, I joined Tamara’s 40+ Female Online Training Program that started Sunday. Loving this group of ladies!

What is Real Food? by Kath – I love this post because it explains what real food is in a very straight forward manner. Kath eats some delicious meals full of “real food.” Real food does not come from a box/package. Except almonds. They have to be gathered in something.

Move It Monday: 20 Minute Pyramid HIIT by Tina – Looking for a tough workout? Try this HIIT workout. You can complete is running, walking, biking, on an elliptical – pretty much any form of cardio.

Fall Fitness Ideas by Lisa – Fall is getting close (I cannot say we are in Fall right now when temps are close to 90s). Here are some ways to change up your fitness routine during the Fall. I am looking forward to walking in the cooler temps. I intended to walk last night but a HUGE thunderstorm came through right as I left. So, I hit the elliptical up for some HIIT training instead.

Have Trouble Staying On Track With Your Weight Loss? Tips On Staying The Course! by Ashley – I love how Ashley shows her goal planning method. Set you goal. Break your goal down. Write the steps you need to reach that goal. Then PLAN those steps on your calendar.

Five Motivational Tweets

Plans for the weekend include cleaning the house, getting my car washed, possible dinner with hubby’s family, prepping for a 31 event, and more.

What are your plans for the weekend? How do you set and plan your goals? Have you ever hired a professional photographer?


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